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It's been ages since I blogged anything, but to sum up the interim time - wrapping up work for 2008, and HOLIDAAAAYZ!
Currently sitting in sunny Cape Town, looking out of the window at a gorgeous view of Table Mountain. It can't be beat. Well, if that howling wind would just give it a rest for a moment, that would beat it...

Spending some real time in our apartment, and in this city, has been fun and fascinating. It is starting to feel like home away from home. Minus the nanimal family of course. But this is something I could totally get used to. Or already have.

Signing out now to find a wine farm that'll let us come play on Boxing day.
mwah, The Missing Blogger...

sweets dreams

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Came home to a lovely message from hubby in a very busy week for me - so sweet.

creation of a room

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Some time back I ordered new furniture for my study at home - up until now I've been using an old chipboard desk of R's being held together with just one screw. It's precarious. I haven't had a chair at all.

I was quite excited about my new furniture, but because I was ordering it custom, I've had to wait about 16 weeks for it. It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, and with new furniture come a whole new room! It's amazing what a simple coat of paint can do.

My new desk is a big piece of painted glass on two large blocks of wood which have been "engraved" with a bamboo motif. The chair is pretty and white. Add a few elements, like a new lamp from Thailand, one or two of my favourite vinyl toys, and you have a theme to work with. It still has a few things missing, like a cupboard for filing, and a big fluffy rug, but its a good start. I'll keep posting it's progress...

Not Terminated: Good News for Sarah Connor Fans

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According to, Fox recently ordered the final nine episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ second season, giving it a full season order – despite its modest performance in the ratings…

With a less-than-expected ratings average in its Monday night slot, many might be surprised to see the full season pick-up of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But Fox’s season works a little different to other major US networks – their tide only begins to really rise with the introduction of American Idol to their schedule, so TV execs may be hoping that this second season will benefit from the growth brought on by the hugely popular singing show.

With this order, Terminator is the first 13-episode show from last year’s difficult TV season to receive a definite second season order. Many shows were left floundering after the writer’s strike left them without direction and creative – thus leaving them out of sight and out of mind too long for a TV show’s first year of life. Some have survived, most haven’t; and Sarah Connor is one of the lucky ones.

Other recent pick-ups include Mad Men for a third season, and the quirky courtroom drama, Eli Stone and Sons of Anarchy (premiering on M-Net in November) both for a second season. The popular series about life in the fast lane in Hollywood, Entourage has also been renewed for a sixth season.

Wonders of the Warehouse

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Described as part X Files and part Raiders of the Lost Ark, Warehouse 13 is looking to be the ‘funnest’ sci fi coming to our screens this new TV season.

According to, the Sci Fi network recently ordered a 2-hour pilot of Warehouse 13, the latest project from the creator of Farscape and the executive producers of Battlestar Galactica. Described as part X Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting, Warehouse 13 is an eagerly anticipated dramedy – with sci fi, intrigue, drama, comedy and a little bit of sexual tension all thrown into the mix.

After saving the President’s life, two FBI agents – your typical pairing of a ‘rule-bender’ and a ‘by-the-book ‘– are given a highly classified assignment in the innocuous sounding Warehouse 13. But Warehouse 13 is actually a secret storage facility where the US government has been storing all its paranormal, supernatural and extra terrestrial discoveries and artifacts over the centuries.
Now the duo is touring the country trying to retrieve a number of relics that have gone missing from the Warehouse, while keeping their ears to the ground for any rumblings of new artifacts that may require investigating.

Should the pilot result in a TV series order, it sounds like a recipe for a great character series with a lot of the supernatural built in, as opposed to the other way around. A Fox-Maddie-Indie-Buffy caper if you will!

To Infinity, and Beyond...

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After Stargate SG1 was cancelled in 2006 and Stargate Atlantis given its final order for just five seasons, fans of the popular franchise will be thrilled to learn that the story goes on...

Recently, the US-based Sci Fi network gave an order for a full season of Stargate: Universe – the third in the series of the Stargate franchise. The story will be set on the ship originally sent out by the Ancients in a bid to pepper the galaxies with the Stargates – a mission that was never complete. When a band of explorers from Earth come across the unmanned ship, they board it without knowing they cannot use it to return home – for the Destiny has a mission to complete. And it will do so, even with its unwitting crew aboard.

A recent trend on the Sci Fi network, the show will debut as a two-hour movie in 2009 before it begins airing as a regular series not long after – but these episodes are still in development phase.

According to executive producer and writer, Robert C. Cooper, Stargate: Universe "maintains the spirit of Stargate, but opens up a whole new 'universe'." What is different though, is that ‘Universe will not be treated as a spin-off of the previous two Stargates, but will be developed as an entirely new entity. As ‘Atlantis producer, Joseph Mallozzi, stated, ‘Universe aims to "delight veteran fans, but also appeal to newcomers who may not necessarily know the difference between an Alteran and an Asuran". All we can say is thank goodness for that!

For those of us who have missed the previous success of SG1 and Atlantis, it’s nice to know our limited knowledge of Lanteans, Ori and Wraith won’t be a hindrance to enjoying this new series.

Watch Executive producer Brad Wright speak about the “state of the universe”

Fringe Benefits

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He’s had audiences around the world “Lost” for years, and now JJ Abrams is back - for “Fringe” benefits…

The creator of hit TV series Alias and Lost is back with a brand new project. Described as a cross between the The X Files, The Twilight Zone and Dark Angel, Abrams threatens to keep audiences glued to their screens yet again – and who can say for how long this time.

His latest creation, Fringe, stars Dawson’s Creek’s Joshua Jackson as the son of a research scientist played by John Noble. Father and son have been estranged since Noble’s character, Dr Bishop, was sent to prison on manslaughter charges after a lab accident 17 years ago.

They’re brought together again by an FBI agent on a mysterious case following “the Pattern” – a series of bizarre experiments happening around the world. She needs to discover their source, and only Dr Bishop can help her – his specialty just happens to be “fringe” science (the study of what most believe to be impossible in the natural world).

Fringe was recently given a full-season order, making its first season 22 episodes long.

Can Abrams weave his hypnotic spell once again?

Eddy and Patsy Take on LA!

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Eddy and Patsy are taking on Los Angeles! But in a trend that seems to be sweeping US studios, it’s not the Eddie and Patsy we know and love – they’re now American…

Absolutely Fabulous - the hit five-season British comedy series starring Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders that made Chanel, Dior and Lagerfeld household names, had the world calling each other “sweetie darling” and got the Pet Shop Boys back on to the billboard charts - is crossing the Atlantic.

According to, Fox is developing a redo of AbFab that will “retain the basic template of the original, revolving around the friendship of two boozy, over-40 best friends who are desperate to stay hip and youthful”.

While Saunders is joining the project as executive producer, we doubt an American duo of fading fashionistas is going to be nearly as funny as the alcohol-soaked, ex-model, beehived Patsy, and the guru-chasing, kaftan-wearing Edina. Isn’t LA full of those sorts anyway?

The US seem to be looking to their UK counterparts more and more for inspiration – or downright plagiarism - and are even reaching as far as Australia for ideas. The upcoming Fall TV schedules in the US include no fewer than three direct copies of shows from other territories: Britain’s The Eleventh Hour and Life on Mars, and Australia’s Kath & Kim are all making their debut – albeit Americanized.

In the past, remakes of this nature have fallen on both sides of the ratings fence, with Ricky Gervais’ The Office becoming an Award ceremony-hit, while Brit favourites Men Behaving Badly and Fawlty Towers (as “Payne” starring John Laroquette) barely made it out the stable.

It could be another case of “lost in translation” but only time – and ratings – will tell.

job satisfaction

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A little bit of minor, but thrilling news... In a shift at work, we've completely changed how we operate and what it is we focus on. In that shift, I remain in management, but I get to write and create stories again - something I haven't done for years. It's a wonderful refuge from daily tasks and keeping track of team work - being able to put on your headphones, ignore the world, and simply create something you hope others will enjoy reading.

I hope you will too, as they'll be making appearances here :)

picnic perfect

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Reading a friend's blog the other day, I was reminded that some time back I bought an absolutely adorable table, apparently vintage 50s. Not that I'd forgotten the table, but I'd forgotten that I meant to blog about it at the time and never got around to it - it's one of my favourite things I've ever bought. It's a collection of seven table pieces, each with little moonlanding-tripod-feet for legs and a different colour melamine top, all in the shape of a flower.

We recently spent a fabulous day in our garden having a champagne breakfast picnic, and my little table truly came in to its own. So instead of a table photoshoot, i give you the little flower in action...

hotel everland

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Heading to Paris before the end of the year? I have the ultimate experience for you!

Paris museum, the Palais de Tokyo, have installed a one-room-hotel/art installation on top of their building that people can view during the day, or choose to stay in for one night only - the Hotel Everland.

It's been described as a "bachelor pad of an imaginary pop star from 1972" and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that! It's been around since 2002 in other locations, but the magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower it has now makes it a superb location to spend the night with a bottle of champagne - unrivaled!

Take a look at the unique panorama it offers...

kitty manor

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I've become one of *those*... Yes, my cat now has her own home - a Swiss ski cabin no less. It has little windows on the side, a chimney, its own porch and a tree. She adores this new hidey-hole just for her, and sits on the porch to watch us getting ready in the morning.

But yes, bottom line is I bought my cat one of those pamper items reserved for the pets of Hollywood starlets and childless matrons. Argh!

It does look a lot better in our room than the old bed though... That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

old biscuit mill

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I'm pretty sure I've waxed lyrical about The Old Biscuit Mill here before, but if not, here I go... It's the best way to spend a Saturday morning in Cape Town, taking in the scene of culture-on-culture, while bustling your way through beautiful and interesting people to get to the glass of champagne, oysters, chicken roll, fresh apple tea, enormous cup cakes, 70cm pizza, falafel or curry - depends what you choose to have for breakfast.
The tastes are amazing, the stores are fun and you never know who you're going to bump in to.

What excites me about The ' Mill this morning is its website. It's adorable! No high-tech flash, and yet it does have some fantastic ideas - and I'm particularly fond of my new discovery this morning - they've worked in images of all the people who actually have stores there. Click on "SHOPS", and each of them pops up in the doorway displaying their wares (I sound like an old nursery rhyme). It's even more fun, as one of my family members is in there - see you Dales! :)

radio ga ga

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In Johanssburg, we're luckier than most regional areas in terms of our radio selection. We have the national 5fm, regional Highveld, and a slew of other options most don't have: Yfm, UJfm, Jacaranda, 702Talk (who are the nicest bunch to mail and ask for 'that song that went la-la-la-li-la last night"). And yet I'm constantly surprised by the amount of people that choose to listen to Highveld sooner than 5fm. Other regional areas I've lived, 5 always seems to win out quite easily. But here... Jeremy Mansfield and Darren Simpson definitely seem to dominate the morning breakfast slot time and again.

This morning though, I got the perfect comparison between the two and finally made up my mind. Both Jeremy and Gareth Cliff have a sort of "old school track" moment (both for entirely different reasons, but still). This morning, they played at roughly the same time, and the respective selections were:

Ghostbusters Theme Song vs Pearl Jam's "Betterman"

No prizes for guessing which station played which.

If that doesn't finish the argument for any of you living in Jozi, nothing will :)
My radio buttons have officially been changed to 5 and Y. Or bust!

how to lose your job, but gain countless fans

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I've always enjoyed Top Gear. Not for the cars (obviously) but for the presenters. They're quirky, quick-witted and funny to say the least. This morning I found out something about James May I never knew, and never would have guessed. He really is a dark horse...

According to Wikipedia, Top Gear presenter and journalist James May was fired from Autocar magazine in 1992 for putting together a hidden message spelled out using the drop letter at the start of each article.

"So I had this idea that if I re-edited the beginnings of all the little texts, I could make these red letters spell out a message through the magazine, which I thought was brilliant. I can't remember exactly what it said, but it was to the effect that "You might think this is a really great thing, but if you were sitting here making it up you'd realise it's a real pain in the arse". It took me about two months to do it and on the day that it came out I'd actually forgotten that I'd done it because there's a bit of a gap between it being "put to bed" and coming out on the shelves. When I arrived at work that morning everybody was looking at their shoes and I was summoned to the managing director of the company's office. The thing had come out and nobody at work had spotted what I'd done because I'd made the words work around the pages so you never saw a whole word. But all the readers had seen it and they'd written in thinking they'd won a prize or a car or something."

his masterpiece:


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I finally joined the listing of South African blogs - and made the front page!
Don't know what took me so long, but wheee - I'm now public.

mad grand opening!

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New York's brand new Museum of Arts and Design opens this weekend, and guess what? I'm not there! Boo hoo!
The building looks incredible, and I can only imagine New York will steal the frontier in design with this addition to the sphere.

Have a look at some of their store goodies - they're must-have!


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I haven't always been a cat person. In fact, I haven't really been a pet person. Since Russia and Vegas though, cats hold hours of entertainment for me - if only they would stick around that long :)

And worse still, I recently started browsing LOLcats! Not just looking at ones forwarded me by friends, but I've actually downloaded the app on to my iPhone that pages through a huge selection of LOLcats. And yes, I've added some to my "favourites". I'm not sure what this says about me. I haven't decided yet. But I fear I'm on a slippery slope...

friday music

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my current favourite song: The Verve's "Love is Noise"

spring has sprung

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Back from holidays to some very curious changes in the air. From politics (wtf?), to work (sigh), to home (yipee!), things have really put on a new face since we left for Thailand four weeks ago.
I'm not sure if it's a seasonal thing - the spring equinox was last week - or an end of year thing. A friend tells me it's the rain - we'll all waiting for the rain to come and it's making us edgy. Whatever it is, I feel like I'm watching it through sky-blue-tinted glasses - it all just seems so far away.

In fact, I feel like I'm in the first few weeks of December, when everything starts to wind down and you're really just sitting around waiting for the date you're allowed to officially not arrive at your desk anymore for the year. But it's still September - that's a long way away...

Maybe it is a seasonal thing, but something is in the air, it tastes like cinnamon, and cinnamon can be good or bad, depending on how you use it.

to thai for

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We're off to Thailand in 2 week's time, and I've been doing some research in to what it is I want to see while I'm there. We're doing the islands and Bangkok in particular, but what I'm finding in the mainland and inland of Thailand is simply astounding. This one blew me away - Rong Khun Temple in Chang Rai (north Thailand) is more popularly known as the White Temple. This is because the temple is pure white - every piece of it painted white, and with white glass. It's absolutely beautiful to see, and even more amazing - it's being built in our lifetime. In fact, the builder is one of Thailand's most renowned artists, is still alive and you can read his description of his life's work here.

Think of all those churches and temples, and monasteries and castles you see in pictures and while traveling. They were all built in a time when religion came first, and beauty was bestowed on these important buildings of faith. You never think of one actually being built in this time period. Chaleumchai Kositpipat, the artist, has dedicated his life to the completion of this temple, and estimates that it will take another 60 - 70 years to complete all nine buildings of the temple. He's counting on his next two generations...

dark comic

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I am not a fan of Jim Carrey. Ace Venturer? Dumb and Dumber? The Mask? Give me a break.

But serious Jim? Serious Jim I can dig. Jim Carrey as the comic book-styled "Fingerling" in Number 23 is really quite intriguing. While Number 23 itself doesn't go where you hoped it would, and doesn't make enough of itself, the character of Fingerling I'd love to see more of. He's brusque, cynical, and his dialogue consists mainly of cast-off one liners. Everything a comic book detective should have. I hope he find more of that sort of role, and less of the pot-bowl-haired buffoon.

freeeee meeee!

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Robin was on crutches for three weeks with this cast. Not advisable in the middle of winter...

"Gautrain construction devastating Gauteng Gummi bear communities "

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"JOHANNESBURG. They're dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly with stories to share, but hundreds of Gummi bears have already been pulped by tunneling machinery under Johannesburg. According to conservationists, the Gautrain will wipe out Gauteng's population of the magical bouncing bears "far more quickly than Duke Igthorn could ever have imagined".

Construction workers on various Gautrain tunneling sites say they are finding fewer and fewer traces of the magical bears.

"It used to be that we'd see them once every couple of weeks," said mechanic Josiah Mphundu.

"We'd break through some rock, and we would see these bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere.

"But not any more."


Conservationist Eric Monkey-Chandler said that efforts to save the remaining bears had been hampered by a lack of knowledge about the secretive animals.

"Magic and mystery are part of their history," he said. "

Read more of this devastating story here - it's your civic duty!

have bubble, will wrap

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one of my colleagues has been off sick the last two days...

get connected

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I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to blog this... but I got it! And it's totally changed the way I work. I guess any upgrade from what I had would have helped make me a little more organised, get a little more connected, be a little more stylish. But this is more than I'd hoped. The iPhone has completed my little tech circle - it completes me :D

To give you an example, I'm currently sitting in front of the fire at work (it's bitterly cold in Jozi today) listening to Flo Rida's "Low" which I just downloaded via a peer-to-peer app, updating my twitter and facebook status, syncing my calendars, busy loading new episodes of Big Bang Theory and Paddington Bear, MSNing people in the office where its too cold to go and trying to set up my mail sync once and for all - all over wifi on my phone.

For someone like me who loves getting the most out of a piece of tech and constantly discovering new things it can do, this thing is amazing. Customizable, upgradable, and pretty to look at.

This is my iPhone and it's name is "Nutmeg".

sing a song, haff a laff

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it wont win an oscar but...

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...I'm really looking forward to Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. It's by the same director of Pan's Labyrinth, and while I don't think the story will be anywhere near as poetic or touching, it is full of those familiar fantastical creatures. And I'm a sucker for fantastical creatures.

If you've seen Pan's Labyrinth you'll especially recognise the creature with eyes in all the wrong places. The trailer is great, and apple offers three of them at a really hi quality - a pleasure to watch.

Yay for little creatures with funny eyes that fly!


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a little piece of Cannes on a cold Jozi day... This is from a specialist chocolatier up a side road of Cannes who has the most exquisite range of chocolate stacked by colour range, theme, flavour... a little piece of heaven on the french coastline

tea for two

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how gorgeous is this "space age" little tea pot? It looks completely 21st century, but it's designed for you to use your tea leaves and powders - not these newfangled instant tea bags (did I sound old fashioned enough there?).

The Sorapot is lovely to look at, beautifully packaged, and I certainly wouldn't mind one in my kitchen.

special moments on a weekend

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celebrating 1000 episodes of groundbreaking tv | hearing your favourite song live | an incredibly nervous groom | meeting a new friend | a surprise handbag from your hubby

i want it!!!!

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It hasn't been updated in a while, but Starck's blog is a nice way to see most of his collection all in one place.

* celebrating jp *

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Create your own Jackson Pollock!

take the log out of your own eye

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A disturbing story broke on Sky News this morning of a massive increase in the number of deformed and malformed babies being born in Iraq - all since 2002 when America first attacked. These children are physically and mentally beyond the reach of normal society, with missing limbs, senses, capacities and features. Some cannot stay awake for days at a time, some haven't grown since the day they were born, some are covered in violent and seeping birthmarks - all are practically incapable of speech or normal activity.

Speculation has arisen that this epidemic rise is due to America's use of a weapon made of white phosphorous which explodes when coming into contact with oxygen causing severe burns. Studies are not yet definite on the exact repercussions of white phosphorus on a people and its environment, but none have yet ruled it out as a cause for what could be happening in Iraq's Fallujah.

How does someone invade a country stating that country's nuclear weapons policy and experimentation with biological warfare as a justifiable reason for the invasion - and then leave its people like this? They've used the very same dangerous and untested weapons they condemned on an innocent people who were just trying to survive under a dreadful regime. Now they're trying to survive with a crisis that they were never prepared for and never dreamed would happen.

Nothing has made me as angry about America's invasion of Iraq as this. How two-faced, self-serving and hypocritical can one administration really be?

One mother's 3 year old baby lies still on the bed, limbs the same size as the day she was born, but they're not the only reason she cannot move - she has two heads growing out of her tiny shoulders that weigh her down. It seems to be the only part of her that keeps growing. Her mother says she can easily sleep for 3 days, and that they have to poke her to wake her up. But there's little difference between awake and asleep for her.

Another mother holds a baby girl whose face is covered in a large swollen purple oozing "birthmark". It glistens and looks too painful to touch. While being interviewed, the mother says she sometimes wishes her daughter would just die - that way they can both get some relief...

Who knows what will be found out once studies on white phosphorous are definitive and complete. But I for one hope they point squarely at the US as being as irresponsible, selfish and criminal as the regime they swooped in to remove.

happy smurfday

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The Smurfs turn 50 this year - Happy birthday Smurfs! I remember how I used to love The Smurfs - their collected DVD is definitely on my kissmas list!

The little blue people have been giving joy to children for half a century, and now they're giving in a different way. To celebrate the Smurfs' 50th birthday you can buy a Smurf figurine in support of Unicef.

haunted hotel

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Vanoodle sent out a link this week, and I think it's the most amazing thing I've seen in a while. The story rolls out below...

"San-Zhr Pod Village

Just before arriving in Sanzhi, there’s an interesting site hugging the shoreline - an abandoned hotel/apartment complex that looks like somewhere ET might call home. I first heard about this a couple of years ago, but it was only recently that I was able to get out there.

Accounts vary on the origins of this complex, and indeed, as to whether it was meant to be a hotel development or a housing development. Apparently, it was constructed in the 1960s and included/was to include a dam to protect it against sea surges, floors and stairs made of marble and a small amusement park. The site was commissioned by the government and local firms and there is no named architect. Local papers at the time reported that there were numerous accidents during construction which caused the death of some workers. As news of these accidents spread, no one wanted to go there, even to visit, and the project was subsequently abandoned. The ghosts of those who died in vain are said to still linger there, unremembered and unable to pass on. The complex was left in its unfinished state because no amount of redevelopment will bring people to the area due to superstitions about ghosts, and it can’t be demolished because destroying the homes of spirits and lost souls is taboo in Asian culture.

When I was there, I met four young university students who were passing by and stopped for a look. They didn’t want to get too close to the buildings for fear that the ghosts would take them. They told me there was “heavy evil” in the buildings."

Story and more incredible pictures by Criag Ferguson here.

monday music

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Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

one night in bangkok

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This last Saturday we went to go see the production Chess at the Monte Casino Theatre. It's not a usual thing for us to do - go see a musical - but we really enjoyed it. They've cast Cito, the lead singer from Wonderboom, in one of the lead roles - the obnoxious American Frederick - and he works really well. He's got an incredible voice that I was surprised to see hold its own alongside all those professionally trained actors and singers.

The music it goes without saying is really good, but what I wasn't expecting is that there's no dialogue at all. The entire story is told through song - so clever! Turns out the boys from ABBA wrote the hit single One Night in Bangkok, and from just that, Tim Rice extrapolated this entire production all using song. I've never seen anything like it.

What's also intriguing is the story and backdrop - the Cold War in the late eighties, and how the super-powers fought their battles with things like Chess. It's a really interesting story for anyone my age and younger who didn't really watch the Cold War with any real understanding. It's like getting a glimpse into a past that was happening all around you, that you were just too young to be aware of.


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What to do with all that viagra, penis enlargement, bust inflation, shopping sales and weight loss spam? Easy - make it funny :)

A Spam a Day takes those ridiculous headlines you see in spam, and changes them into something their creators never intended. I'd love to be able to respond to each spam message with something like this.

See them all here.


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If you're ever in Cape Town and interested in local design, be sure to check out Mü&Me at the Old Biscuit Mill on Lower Main Rd.
It's run by a local designer Daley Muller and all the creations in the store are hers. The friends are really cute and if you only take home a fridge magnet or button, you have to own a little piece of a truly original South African design.

Official Site