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cassette - the band
"Cassette is a new band from Joburg and they're named after tapes, because tapes are nice and you can turn them over manually and press play and fast forward at the same time to make a cool sound. You can't say the same for the sound of skipping CDs and besides, a band called Compact Disc would naturally be kak, which Cassette isn't."
~ Toast Coetzer

I'd heard of Cassette a while ago, but wasn't in any way prepared for the performance this group deliver. I think we've all become a little blah about local bands and music and Cassette are injecting a new and unexpected energy into the live music scene. Quite honestly, they're incredible to watch.
Jon Savage - the lead singer (in the picture above) - is as eccentric as an Elvis impersonator at a Bar Mitzvah. He walks on stage in his 70s suit and waist coat and blows your mind. He writhes, he squirms, he jiggles, he jives - and he's got a pretty good voice.
If you get a chance, you must see them. They remind you why you enjoyed going to see bands back in your teens.

My favourite track at the moment (yes, we have the album) is 'Love With the Light On'. It's melodic, the lyrics are good, and I can sing loudly to it while driving in my car :o)

They also have a pretty cool website.

my woogie

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robin's the one with facial hair
And this is Robin. From left to right is us at my dad's 50th, at a restaurant in Knysna, and then on a boat in Knysna. We spent Christmas 2005 there and it was spectacular. I've never been to that part of the world before, so it was a nice first adventure to do with him - our first romantic getaway :o)
There are more pics if you click on Robin's Bugbitten on the side -->

russia ninja purrminator edward norton sausage rubbish III

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hello little russiaI have to take a moment to introduce my kitty. His name says it all. Well - his little vet book says more, but... you know. His name's Russia, but he's managed to earn a lot of names along the way. The most popular lately is Rubbish. Cos he really is. Anyway. He's my kitty. And he's insane. But we love him. Hello little russia...

harvey krumpet - i'm in love with claymation

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harvey krumpetThis is a most delightful little discovery. In fact I watched it twice the same day I bought it. In a row.
I'd never heard of Harvey Krumpet, but it seems it won an oscar - and in light of wallace and gromit's win I'll concede that might carry some merit :op
It's quite short - about half and hour - and narrater by Geoffrey Rush (the guy from Shine). In very simple claymation, and with wonderful little facial expressions it tells the story of Harvey - a polish man who finds himself alone in Australia. He has tourette's syndrome, one testicle, a metal plate in his head, becomes a nudist and he eventually develops altzheimer's.

'… Some are born great
some achieve greatness
and some have greatness thrust upon them
and then there are others……’

You HAVE to meet Harvey!

cyanide & happiness

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Just try and tell me these aren't hilarious! Cyanide and Happiness are my new favourite cartoon. They're sometimes a little offensive, but mostly completely, randomly brilliant! These are just a few of my favourites, but you can see loads more here.
Put your sensibilities in your pocket and have a giggle :o)

angel in da house!

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Ok, so the new form of being - as it were - is to exist in cyberspace. If you're not there, you're not relevant.
My people have blogs for houses, babies, recipies and reviews. So now this is my little corner of the cyber-web. And I plan to spin and weave it full of the things I like best.
Happy reading - here I am...