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one night in bangkok

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This last Saturday we went to go see the production Chess at the Monte Casino Theatre. It's not a usual thing for us to do - go see a musical - but we really enjoyed it. They've cast Cito, the lead singer from Wonderboom, in one of the lead roles - the obnoxious American Frederick - and he works really well. He's got an incredible voice that I was surprised to see hold its own alongside all those professionally trained actors and singers.

The music it goes without saying is really good, but what I wasn't expecting is that there's no dialogue at all. The entire story is told through song - so clever! Turns out the boys from ABBA wrote the hit single One Night in Bangkok, and from just that, Tim Rice extrapolated this entire production all using song. I've never seen anything like it.

What's also intriguing is the story and backdrop - the Cold War in the late eighties, and how the super-powers fought their battles with things like Chess. It's a really interesting story for anyone my age and younger who didn't really watch the Cold War with any real understanding. It's like getting a glimpse into a past that was happening all around you, that you were just too young to be aware of.

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