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hoppity happenings

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A revived interest in felt creations, a great buy at a haberdashery, and an upcoming stork party all mixed together to make the GIANT BUNNY CUBE!

All you need is a large piece of felt (any colour you want your bunny to be), marker pens, thread and a complimentary colour - and this super easy pattern.


You can of course make any creature you want with this basic shape, just changing the features and colours of your felt. I've also upsized my bunny, but you can make them as big or small as you like.

felt funnies

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A haberdashery store in Joburg recently had a sale on craft goods, and I got a fantastic little pile of bright, fun felt squares - perfect for small felt creatures and goodies! While I was laying out the colours though, someone else decided they were perfect too...

Perfect to attack that is!

Imagine her excitement when she sees the pile my mom brought me!

beeg, very beeg

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Check out this amazing art installation in Athens, Greece, where artist Shoboshobo created giant puppets and took over three buildings and a courtyard.

There were six giants in total draping their limbs over eaves, windowsills and stairs.

bunny nuggets

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I've been told I can't have a bunny - the staffie will eat it. So instead I want a whole farm of bunny nuggets! Dozens of them! In all colours! These knitted creatures are so simple, yet so cute. Now who can I nag to start making me some...?

cyber funnie

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