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Fringe Benefits

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He’s had audiences around the world “Lost” for years, and now JJ Abrams is back - for “Fringe” benefits…

The creator of hit TV series Alias and Lost is back with a brand new project. Described as a cross between the The X Files, The Twilight Zone and Dark Angel, Abrams threatens to keep audiences glued to their screens yet again – and who can say for how long this time.

His latest creation, Fringe, stars Dawson’s Creek’s Joshua Jackson as the son of a research scientist played by John Noble. Father and son have been estranged since Noble’s character, Dr Bishop, was sent to prison on manslaughter charges after a lab accident 17 years ago.

They’re brought together again by an FBI agent on a mysterious case following “the Pattern” – a series of bizarre experiments happening around the world. She needs to discover their source, and only Dr Bishop can help her – his specialty just happens to be “fringe” science (the study of what most believe to be impossible in the natural world).

Fringe was recently given a full-season order, making its first season 22 episodes long.

Can Abrams weave his hypnotic spell once again?


noodle said...

jj abrams, love his work!

@ngel said...

apparently this one is very cool - slow to start, but if you're a fan of The X Files you'll love it - so I've heard...

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