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friday frenzy

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Magical TrevThe office is in a bit of a tizz around me today - we're launching the official survivor website. Everything is being tested, checked, re-checked, updated, unDRMed and re-associated. Going through things with a fine-toothed mouse.
Now it's 2.50pm on a Friday afternoon and I'm wondering who's going out to buy the beer ;o) Weebl and BobAlso - I'm eyeing online Weebls toys. These are awesome! If you've ever seen Magical Trev or Lions in Kenya you'll know what I'm talking about! If you've never played on Weebls, then do yourself a favour!!! Start here if you're a Lost fan...


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A friend is getting very bored at work and directed me to this gem today: MAHNAMAHNA!
Crank it up, and sing along! Mahnamahna!

blockbuster hit "5"!

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M-Net recently did a corporate building type excersise like none I've ever seen, but which was pretty appropriate considering our industry. Each department had to create a 3 - 5 minute movie describing in an entertaining fashion what is it their department does. Sounds cool huh? Now consider all the departments at YOUR place of work - HR, finance, IT, marketing, catering - now picture their movies. It just got a lot funnier, right?
As New Media we had a pretty tricky task. How to explain to everyone what it is we do in the odd environment blanketed by the title "New Media"? And even trickier - how to include each person in a department of over 40 people - detailing what it is they do. Good grief! Well done to our script writers. Because of course we had to do all the creative, writing, filming, lighting, editing and wardrobe ourselves too! What was spawned was the new hit movie, loosely fashion on that TV show with Kiefer Sutherland in it, called "5"...

Newsflash we sent to M-Net

Watch the trailer.

Visit the movie page.

See the blog.

21 more sleeps...

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Carlton luggage
...when to start packing!?! I'm trying to find out what the luggage restrictions are on SAA for a trip to the US - pretty strict I imagine. But do you think SA's official carrier has put any information on their website or anywhere online you can find it? Of course not! Don't be silly! Way too 20th century. So now my mom's deep in research. I will be THIS *holds hands as far apart as possible* upset if they've put weird restictions in place. Robin's just bought me a set of luggage - my first ever set - and I'm dying to use it! I want to walk in to The Alex with my new Carlton 2006 Ebony range luggage in tow - not a clear plastic packet! Argh! Struth! So we wait and hold thumbs - maybe I start using it for work :oD

can you survive the wait?

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Survivor SA is almost upon us (3 September), and the hype just gets bigger and bigger. I think it's going to be pretty damn awesome - one of the best productions to come out of M-Net. If you're a fan, then watch out this Sunday: the contestants are being announced!

The Survivors

If you want to see clips of each of the contestants, click here.

our holiday - the planning phase

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I've shared a little about where we're going and what we're doing, but every day our plans become a little firmer. As we stand now, we're going to The AsiateNew York for a week, then we fly to San Francisco for four days, then it's off to Las Vegas for two days (via the Grand Canyon) then back to NY. Sounds busy huh?
And each spot is packed full of stuff! NY includes Sunday at the men's US Open final, dinner at The Asiate on top of the Columbus building, Yankee StadiumThursday on Coney island, Thursday night at Yankee Stadium watching the Yankees play and of course oodles of shopping and major landmarks.

Golden GateOur four days in SF include the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, Triburone across the river, oodles of shopping, and a drive into the winelands where they filmed Sideways. Did I mention shopping?

We're then going south to Vegas, where we're hiring a car and driving through to the Grand Canyon. Cirque du Soleil - OYou can't really go all that way and not see one of the wonders of the world now can you? We'll probably stay out in canyon area overnight before we drive back in to Vegas to go stay at the MGM Grand (pictured below). I'm so excited to take pics in Vegas - it must be insane! We'll be attending Cirque du Soleil's performance of "O" that night at the Bellagio daaaahling... Very swank ;o)

And even more exciting - pretty soon the pics of all these places will have been taken by me!

keep your music close to your... pants?

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Levi's iPod JeansLevi's have released a new pair of jeans called Redwire DLXs. What makes these so special - there are only 120 coming to south africa and you have to pre-book them! - is that they're made for iPods. With earphone and volume fittings built in to the pants, these are supposed to be the ultimate customised gear for your tech - and that's just the beginning I'm sure! They have a white leather label instead of the usual brown, white buttons, white stitching, and a snug little holder for your iPod and headphones. What's next?
Check out the site it's really slick.

wherefore art thou blogger?

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Ok, so it's been a while since I've done any blogging, but I had a complete freakout with blogger. We set up a blog at my office for everyone to post on and share ideas. Nice idea, yes. Until people started logging on to THAT blog and accessing my personal blog dashboard! Uh-uh! So I've been super conservative, and now only blog from my laptop. Here's my latest update...

It's three weeks until we go to New York. Colour me excited! It's getting insane - we've mapped out so many things we want to do, and they're all so exciting - it's starting to seem a little unreal. So far we've booked tickets for the US Open final, Cirque du Soleil, Yankees vs Tampa Bay Devils (yes, we're going to learn how baseball works), and I'm busy shopping for SpamAlot tickets. It's all just too much! Yeeha! As another little tidbit... here's where we're staying in vegas...

MGM Grand, Las VegasYup - that one you see in CSI all the time ;o)

wonderful world of mac

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yes! I have made yet another mac discovery!I'm actually writing this blog post from my dashboard using a Blogger widget. It's great for writing and saving things as drafts or posting live without having to log in blah blah blah...
You can't upload pics at this stage, but you can always go edit and add them later. It also has a nice quick link to Blogger. Download your Blogger widget here

karma chameleon

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chris chameleonA new favourite live performer! I love this - being able to find new acts that you really enjoy and can see over and over. The latest one is Chris Chameleon.
You may remember him as the guy who wore dresses and make-up in the band BOO!, but all that's changed. Not that it was a bad thing. I just think Chris may have found his own groove now. We went to see him perform a while back at a theatre in Pretoria. Loved it! He did the poems of Ingrid Jonke (yes, you HAVE heard of her - think back to school) and he gave them a life I never saw before while hanging over an old textbook. He breathes in to them. He introduces one song as "one of Ingrid Jonke's saddest poems of loss", and promptly launches in the liveliest vocal acrobatics ever!
And he really is an amazing vocalist! The things that man can do with his throat! At one point I really thought the sound effects had kicked in, but it was all him - just him, his mic and his guitar. "I know - talented tongue" he says smiling...

If you get a chance to see him, I recommend you do - you won't regret it, and you may find something beautiful you never knew was so close.

simple and funny

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stick artists