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I've become one of *those*... Yes, my cat now has her own home - a Swiss ski cabin no less. It has little windows on the side, a chimney, its own porch and a tree. She adores this new hidey-hole just for her, and sits on the porch to watch us getting ready in the morning.

But yes, bottom line is I bought my cat one of those pamper items reserved for the pets of Hollywood starlets and childless matrons. Argh!

It does look a lot better in our room than the old bed though... That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)


noodle said...

I totally get it.

My concern is if this is how a behave about a cat, lord help me if I have kids.

@ngel said...

Totally!!! Little converse, baby laptops and designer bibs here we come :l

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