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To Infinity, and Beyond...

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After Stargate SG1 was cancelled in 2006 and Stargate Atlantis given its final order for just five seasons, fans of the popular franchise will be thrilled to learn that the story goes on...

Recently, the US-based Sci Fi network gave an order for a full season of Stargate: Universe – the third in the series of the Stargate franchise. The story will be set on the ship originally sent out by the Ancients in a bid to pepper the galaxies with the Stargates – a mission that was never complete. When a band of explorers from Earth come across the unmanned ship, they board it without knowing they cannot use it to return home – for the Destiny has a mission to complete. And it will do so, even with its unwitting crew aboard.

A recent trend on the Sci Fi network, the show will debut as a two-hour movie in 2009 before it begins airing as a regular series not long after – but these episodes are still in development phase.

According to executive producer and writer, Robert C. Cooper, Stargate: Universe "maintains the spirit of Stargate, but opens up a whole new 'universe'." What is different though, is that ‘Universe will not be treated as a spin-off of the previous two Stargates, but will be developed as an entirely new entity. As ‘Atlantis producer, Joseph Mallozzi, stated, ‘Universe aims to "delight veteran fans, but also appeal to newcomers who may not necessarily know the difference between an Alteran and an Asuran". All we can say is thank goodness for that!

For those of us who have missed the previous success of SG1 and Atlantis, it’s nice to know our limited knowledge of Lanteans, Ori and Wraith won’t be a hindrance to enjoying this new series.

Watch Executive producer Brad Wright speak about the “state of the universe”

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