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Some time back I ordered new furniture for my study at home - up until now I've been using an old chipboard desk of R's being held together with just one screw. It's precarious. I haven't had a chair at all.

I was quite excited about my new furniture, but because I was ordering it custom, I've had to wait about 16 weeks for it. It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, and with new furniture come a whole new room! It's amazing what a simple coat of paint can do.

My new desk is a big piece of painted glass on two large blocks of wood which have been "engraved" with a bamboo motif. The chair is pretty and white. Add a few elements, like a new lamp from Thailand, one or two of my favourite vinyl toys, and you have a theme to work with. It still has a few things missing, like a cupboard for filing, and a big fluffy rug, but its a good start. I'll keep posting it's progress...

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