likes, loves and lusts


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Robin spent the last week in Nigeria - it sounds hideous. Although I suppose it depends on your point of view. He's putting together a blog - it's really worth a read. I know its nothing I was expecting.

bless this chick

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I finally made my very own chick :)
You can make your own one here. They're really cute, and you can make one for someone else too...

just chillin' in the corridor

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i have an alessi cat

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Although russia is suddenly the big kitty in the house, it doesn't stop him from reliving his kitten days from time to time. He's playing on my study floor in one of the bags we brought back from New York - with an alessi cat bowl in it.

happy new year!

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Before I forget - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! It's January 1, and there are 358 days to kissmass, and a hell of a lot to get done before then!
Some of my they're-not-resolutions-they're-good-ideas-for-extending-yourself are:
  • gym more
  • mosaicking course
  • drawing course
  • scuba lessons
  • find a new career path
  • learn to cook at least one full servable meal
  • learn to play one full piano piece
  • read more

There are more, but I can't think of them right now. I'll add them here as I go, so that I can keep a record.
And then you can't really blunder forward without taking stock of the year gone by. So, what I've achieved/gained/learned:

  • I learned the value of true friends - those that you'll have with you for years to come. And those relationships that are not worth flogging
  • got engaged!
  • went to new york, san fran, vegas - trip of a lifetime
  • first ever voice over work
  • bought my first car - brand new
  • moved to greenside
  • got a new job description
  • learned that it's not always about you - some things just aren't your fault
  • vegas arrived - only just in time for this list!
  • first ever spa treatments - wheee
  • opened a money market account
It's been a pretty busy year - and a pretty good year. And I think next year is going to be even more. Direction is a good thing...

our little animal kingdom

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Robin literally cannot move in the house without being surrounded by all the animals. It's crazy - and it drives him nuts. They tend to congregate everywhere he goes. This is treat time in the kitchen - two staffies and a kitty waiting to see what morsels they're going to come away with tonight. This pic was taken before little Vegas arrived, so you can imagine the scenes now...

couch shopping

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This is us couch shopping for the cottage on a Friday afternoon. What better way to start the weekend. We're looking in particular for a big L shape couch you can laze on. We found a big wicker outdoor one. And the white leather. Stumped. So we didnt buy anything in the end. But hey - this is us couch shopping :o)