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summer scents

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This is my new perfume for this summer - isn't the packaging delectable?

red [LV] relief

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Iconic brand Louis Vuitton recently gave six well-known professionals the opportunity to design their ultimate carry-case in keeping with their professional needs, and the aesthetic of the world-reknowned brand.

Celebrity chef Ferran AdriĆ , photographer Annie Leibovitz, musician Gustavo Santaolalla, painter Damien Hirst, fashion designer and Louis Vuitton’s creative director Marc Jacobs and family heir Patrick-Louis Vuitton all designed leather trunks and bags to be created as once-off pieces to go on auction in aid of the Red Cross.

To commemorate the event, LV also designed a limited edition Red Cross medical kit (pictured). Just what every home needs in case of bumps and bruises.

stormtrooper 365

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What do Stormtroopers do on their day off?

You’re done sweeping the Death Star, conquering rebels and chaining up that annoying woman yet again. Now what?

With a picture a day for a year, Stefan is showing us what Stormtroopers get up to on their days off. Everything from sandcastles, to Tetris and disco. It’s Stormtrooper 365!

“Getting rid of Swine Flu”

hip parentals

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We’ve all met our parents far too late in life. Their youth has passed, their hip days are gone, their wardrobes aren’t what they used to be.

But once upon a time, your parents were cool. Or they were nerds. Or hippies. Either way, they were younger, dressed differently, spoke differently and listened to music that was of their time – not 20 years in to the dust. Your parents were awesome.

My Parents Were Awesome carries user-submitted photographs documenting this time before your parents had to become responsible and upstanding members of society – all because of you probably. It’s nice to be reminded they were young once with their whole lives ahead of them, and to get a peek in to generations and decades gone by. It’s nice to see their youth immortalised and remembered.

do you poken?

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You Google. You text. You chat. Do you Poken?

That what the guys at Poken want to know as they launch their new product to those addicted to their online social lives. Pokens offer a link between your “real world” life and your “cyber” life. Meet someone new, touch Pokens, and you have all the cyber data you need to be able to find them online – their MSN, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, whatever. The Poken caters for over 30 different networks, allowing users to customise the information that they give out when they “Poken”.

These “social cards” can by synced to your Outlook contacts or your Apple contacts, allowing other people to control the information you have about them – it’s always up to date, as they’re keeping it current for you.

Pokens can be bought in various shapes and designs to meet your tastes, and it’s likely the options will expand over time (think Mimobots). While it’s still a fairly new wave waiting to be caught, Pokens do offer an interesting look into what’s to come as people try to link up their two social lives – online and in reality.

View the welcome video here.