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It's totally arbitrary, but I love this gallery. I don't know if it's the fact that someone put in the time to put it together, or the fact that so many TV and movie characters wear eye-patches (most for no real reason that adds to their character), or the fact that I now feel like spending a Friday seeing if I can add to it, but here it is: The Best TV and Movie Characters with Eye Patches. Enjoy :)

dear salary...

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augusten burroughs

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The first Burroughs I read was Running with Scissors after seeing it on noodle's blog. I've been hooked ever since. While the movie of the same name didn't do the book justice, his stories are fabulous! There's a dark, crazy humour to them that you can't help but laugh at.

This is a clip of him talking about his latest novel A Wolf at the Table. It's a memoir of his relationship with his father and is quite a dark departure from his previous books. It can be disturbing, but really is worth a read. His mention of his next book has me excited!

Burroughs is also the author of: Sellevision, Running with Scissors, Dry, Magical Thinking and Possible Side Effects.

r.i.p. tony hart

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A man with a great imagination, and a beautiful skill passed away yesterday. Tony Hart died, age 83, peacefully in Surrey.
You'll probably remember one of his greatest creations - Morph.
Tony Hart was also the man who inspired my cousins and I each year in our annual Christmas "production". Using his magazine trace pictures, he helped us create our programme of events year after year with penguins, snowmen and reindeer. I think I still have a collection of those drawing cutouts somewhere, which I'll treasure always.

Thank you Tony, for inspiring us to draw, create and not to be scared of going out the lines.


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I am what some might call a “digital native” I’ve grown up around things like email, internet, mobile, blogging etc, and as part of my professional life in new media, I continue to explore all the platforms I can find.

I’ve used Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, Yoville, Gmail, MSN, Google Talk, Mxit, QQChat, Club Penguin, WordPress, Youtube, Skype, and Boxee. Some are great, some dreadful, but each has been fun to try, and that’s how my first blog was actually started - more as an exploration of the then fairly new idea of blogger as personal publisher than with any real sense of “I want to blog”.

But in doing all of these, I’ve found the ones I really enjoy. I love my blog, but really struggle to update it when it has no direction or purpose. FB is handy for keeping in touch with people, but little else. And my new favourite social media is Twitter. I think it’s fast overtaking the blogging realm as people want to update their lives shorter, quicker and with immediate effect (insert the miriad of iPhone social media apps here). I don’t always want to log in to your blog to see what you’re doing, but I’d love to have you in my Twitter feed. I’ll hear from you more often, and I’ll see you right there everytime I log in. So please, please, come play with me on Twitter!

But I digress. The reason for starting *another* blog is this. 2009 for me is about trying to expand my horizons and trying new things - getting out there, knowing more, being adventurous and trying to achieve. Even with the small things. Especially with the small things.

So while I’ll maintain this blog as a collection of those things I enjoy - those things that excite me - I’d now like to document a little of two thousand and mine - my journey to a better me. For that, I've started @ngelonfilm. A New space for a new mission.