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dunny delight!

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They've arrived! My new dunnies from Vinyl Destination (thanks Simon) are here. From left to right we have:
Clutter from the Ye Olde English series, Lady Aiko from the Femme Fatale series, and Tado also from the Ye Olde English collection.

happy hobos

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Fast Co Design has run a story on a designer item you’re not likely to see on the streets of South Africa any time soon – a compact mobile home designed specially for the homeless…

Looking like a small food delivery truck, the Bufalino has a mini cooker, drawers for organising your stuff and a small moped-like engine to get around with. Designer, Cornelius Comanns, has even given it a fabulous interior and exterior motif. Granted, the assumption is that you have food to cook, stuff to organise and money to buy petrol, so maybe it’s a little more for elite camping or playing vagabond in the countryside.

With a facility to plug in a laptop, it’s probably not for your average homeless…

Written for Hit Refresh, images from Fast Co Design.

ghostb by yeung

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thesinisterpenguin tweeted about this little guy yesterday and he really caught my eye. Designed by Bubi Au Yeung (you'll remember her Treeson figures  too cute!), there are only 50 GhostBs around, and as of this morning, only 11 left for pre order. He comes in a few colour variants with a little base that lights up, giving him a night-light sort of glow. But I think he's pretty cool just on his own.

You can order him now from the Crazy Label shop, and see more of Bubi Au Yeung's work here.


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Recently, hubby surprised me with the gift of the year (ask any digital blogger). An iPad! What every girl wants, right? Ignoring all the hype, the fact that I *love* apple, and that it's a first generation product many nay sayers said would need improving - it's awesome!

In the short time I've had it, we've become joined at the hip. And through the usual barrage of useful/fun/amazing apps, I'm able to turn it more and more in to my must-have daily companion. I watch TV on it, read books, shop on eBay (but more about that later), keep up with facebook and twitter, play games, store presentations, display photos, check mail, and get tailor-made news from all my favourite blogs and websites. Tailor-made being the key. It personalizes everything I need and actually becomes a completely customized tool through the apps that I choose to load. My iPad is a very different creature from hubby's iPad.

I'll blog my list of favourite apps soon for those who don't want to browse the store for days on end *hoping* for something useful. But for now, I have to go check what the exchange rate is so I can do some more shopping on eBay ;)

*sent from my iPad

i am bare!

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Some time back I posted about Am I Collective's Bare auction. And believe it or not, I actually did manage to win a Bare! I managed to win this not-so-little guy customized by Linsey Levendall...

I chose him in the end, because the design was quite Conrad Botha-esque, and he was a gift for hubby, who's a big Botha fan.
It made such a difference seeing the Bares on display when we were in Cape Town - the site really didn't do some of them justice, and man were they bigger than I thought!

dunny 2010

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If you're even vaguely in to vinyl toys, you'll know by now that today is the release date for the Dunny 2010 series. It's probably the most hyped series I've ever seen, with pre-release "leaks", an advent calendar of designs and pre-sales live on eBay for months. Craziness!

But it's more a reflection of the growing industry of vinyl toys I think, than of a series that is a fabulous feat in design. Don't get me wrong - there are some awesome critters in this series, but no more awesome than the critters that have come before them.

Despite knowing that, I've bought in to the hype, and I wait with anticipation. I'm also jealous as hell of those lucky enough to be in Cape Town right now for the launch party. Bastards. But never you mind... the eBay trawling has begun... *evil laugh*

outfit shopping

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It's been ages since I blogged and *plenty* has been keeping me distracted/busy/otherwise occupied. So I have loads of posts rattling inside my brain that are wanting to get out, and I'll get to them all.
But I think first and foremost what's bugging me is it's time for a blog design update. I've enjoyed this layout and keeping all its bits and pieces up-to-date, but I'm keen for a simpler, cleaner look and feel for a while.

So know that I'm back, but I'm noodling around for a new outfit for my wee blog.

mwah x