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nursery inspirations

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So we're finally in our new house (woot! I'll blog about that later). But what it means is that baby now has a room, and we can begin setting up. So i thought i'd paste some of my inspirations here.
We're going with grey and white - specifically grey walls and cot, with white cloud motif and curtains - up in the cloudy sky.

The grey and white will be offset by some of the crazy colours we already have in toys, books and decals. So baby's sleeping area will be calm, and play area will be wild :)

Cauliflower Kelly

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Just a quick update as I haven't been here for so long. Baby Kelly is now just over 1kg and 40cm in size - about the size of a head of cauliflower apparently.
He has biceps, and lungs, and taste buds. And new Paul Frank sneakers.

toby's secret society

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One of my fave designers ever, Gary Baseman, recently released his own 3" series with Kidrobot, Toby's Secret Society. It features the ever-present Toby (who's been around the world and back) and his secret society of "11 spirits and brethren".

Hubby brought me my first ones back from Cape Town, and I love 'em!

Now to find Veritas, my missing truth, and hopefully, the others.


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I love this :)

Mango Kelly

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He's carrying on like he's read the baby growth manual :)
He's like clockwork! My baby app says I should feel fine from now, and I do. It says I'll feel hungry, and I do. And today, it says I'll start feeling him move, and what do you know... As the gynae explains it, "it'll feel like gas bubbles". Nice.

Power of suggestion? Who knows - but that would be very powerful! I prefer to think that the universe has given me the easiest baby in the world, knowing all my trepidation and resistance to the idea beforehand. I've not had to deal with any of the really debilitating side effects (nausea, weight, swelling, cravings, food avoidance), and for that I'm very grateful.

I also realised my surgery last year has made me immune to just about everything that would ordinarily have freaked me out - scans, probes, expanding uterus, the birth. When you've had a 2kg fibroid removed, how different can this be?

You sneaky, sneaky universe! I see you at work...