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cute overload

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The Captains of Cute, Tado, who are widely known for their characters and designs dripping in cute with their big bright eyes have now done a collab with UK brand Gola. There are gorgeous shoes for men and women, a clothing range and bags that are screaming to be turned in to a collection. Think my wardrobe is in trouble...

pedal power!

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This one's for all the cyclists out there - or for those who know cyclists. I never dreamed I'd be amongst that group, but there you have it. My hubby is a cyclist, and apparently I'm a cycling widow :)

Apple has once again filed one of those patents that get everyone all excited and hot under the collar with expectation. We've seen music in your pants, music in your shoes, now they're bringing music to your bike! And so, so much more.

The Apple smart bike promises to integrate not only your bike and your tunes - but all the metrics riders are so keen on measuring on each ride - how far did I go, how high did I climb, what was my heart rate? All the things that right now they measure with crappy little Garmin devices.

There's even a patent mention of, ahem, a holographic or 3D display. Curious. But then Apple always are.


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A popular design blog, NOTCOT, recently put together an inspired competition for New York Design week - the first time I've seen twitter used so well, while staying in touch with the brand/ethos running the project. Welcome to #OBJECTHUNT.

Using silhouettes of recognisable objects in design (think the Aarnio puppy, Gehry's wiggle chair, Swiss army knife) NOTCOT created stickers which they posted around New York City for the week that New York Design Week was running. The idea was to track down the stickers and tweet an image of it along with the hashtag #OBJECTHUNT - every new object you tweeted was an entry in to the competition for some great prizes - weekends away, hotel stays and one of the design objects featured.

What's really incredible about this competition is that they've managed to tie a social platform in to real life in a creative way. It'll stick in people's minds, and they'll associate the brands involved with cool, fun and edgy. The key is to reinvent a platform everyone thinks they know so well.

Check out the #OBJECTHUNT stickers in the wild...

Written for Don't Look Down and Hit Refresh.

family tree

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Over the last couple of years, I've become very curious about my family history, as told through photographs. My maternal grandparents emigrated to South Africa just after World War II, there being nothing left for them in Europe, with my uncle - still quite young - in tow on the three-month-long boat journey.

Along with grainy, faded images of their life in Europe before they came across, I've also found fascinating images of South Africa in the 1940s - Durban harbour, the airport before security became an issue, a public swimming pool, a worker gang in town central. They're a slice of history that I'm not finding in some history book, but within my family's own collective. I love it.

Gathering what I could from my uncles and mom, I've begun the long process of scanning all the photographs. My first mission is simply to preserve the images, some of them badly faded and crumbling. Next I'm hoping to find a simple and effective way to upload them so that my family around the world can also see them, help identify them, and hopefully share some of their own.

They started off in a Wordpress blog, but that really doesn't serve my purposes for photographs very well. I've now moved them on to Flickr, as it's a two-click process from within iPhoto to get them there, but this still isn't quite right.
Hopefully I'll stumble on something soon, but until then you'll see regular updates on the right of this blog as I slowly complete mission one - preserve a piece of my history -->

sleep mobility

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taken from Hit Refresh blog:

"Ok, this has nothing to do with technology, tv or new media but sometimes a guy just wants to have some fun and what better way than hitting the great outdoors in a suit you can run around and sleep in! I personally hate sleeping bags – they’re restrictive and uncomfortable and once you’re finally snug and in, turning around feels like you’re in a cotton coffin. The fact that you can get into this padded bodysuit without having to tuck in, means a lot more time for tequila around the fire – heck, you can even pass out on the spot…

And yes Ulindi, they come in different colours."

written by Robin

rock on

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Save electricity! Make your own!

Sometimes easier said than done, but Rochus Jacob’s Murakami Chair helps you do just that. As well as being a comfortable, rocking, reading chair, the chair generates its own energy from the reader’s rocking, lighting its own reading light. So simple. So obvious. So ingenious.

Says Jacob:”I was looking for opportunities to generate energy through activities we naturally do. The final result is a rocking chair that enables the user to experience production and consumption of electricity in a gentle and rewarding way.”

Rock on!