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In Johanssburg, we're luckier than most regional areas in terms of our radio selection. We have the national 5fm, regional Highveld, and a slew of other options most don't have: Yfm, UJfm, Jacaranda, 702Talk (who are the nicest bunch to mail and ask for 'that song that went la-la-la-li-la last night"). And yet I'm constantly surprised by the amount of people that choose to listen to Highveld sooner than 5fm. Other regional areas I've lived, 5 always seems to win out quite easily. But here... Jeremy Mansfield and Darren Simpson definitely seem to dominate the morning breakfast slot time and again.

This morning though, I got the perfect comparison between the two and finally made up my mind. Both Jeremy and Gareth Cliff have a sort of "old school track" moment (both for entirely different reasons, but still). This morning, they played at roughly the same time, and the respective selections were:

Ghostbusters Theme Song vs Pearl Jam's "Betterman"

No prizes for guessing which station played which.

If that doesn't finish the argument for any of you living in Jozi, nothing will :)
My radio buttons have officially been changed to 5 and Y. Or bust!

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