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tokidoki lurve

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shamelessly ripping off tokidoki to brighten up the library...

yikes! flesh tone dried *orange*! will have to redo that bit

will be sure to include heart and crossbones so everyone know's whose work it really is :)

a tale of two kitties

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The neighbour's cat has started to come and visit, and for a while there, we thought it might be a friend of Vegas'. But now we know better - it's there for one thing, and one thing only...

*nom nom nom*



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I got two new Dunnys while in Cape Town - Tara McPherson and Mizuno Junko's creations for the new "Fatale" Dunny series - all done by female designers. Other notable femme fatales in the series include Kathie Olivas, Aiko, Anna Chambers and Amy Ruppel. Superb!

today is...

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...bumblebee nails day!