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dancin' doughboy

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This should make "Friday" go much faster... make the Pillsbury Doughboy dance! You can select from his down-and-dirty dance moves, and contruct a dance sequence - it even has a grand finale! Do you want him to disco, do the shuffle, or do the hustle?

fifi lapin

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a little arb, a little strange, but cute none-the-less... who wouldn't take fashion tips from a bunny?


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We're back from a wonderful holiday in Europe! 10 days travelling from Spain to France - and trust me when I say Paris is the most beautiful city in the world! As with our NY trip, I've started a wordpress blog to detail the trip, where you get daily accounts from our diary and the pictures too - there's just too much to put here.

It's not done yet, but visit here to follow it's progress.