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ipod therefore i am

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I've been wanting to create a podcast for a while now. Not that I have anything particularloy revealing to say, but it looks like it'd be a lot of fun. Much like this blog - it doesn't always matter how many people are reading or not - it's about what I'm keeping here. But I have to admit, it's seemed a little daunting - podcasts on iTunes are so professional, and have such a huge viewership, how can I hope to create anything like that? It's just seemed like something other people in other countries do.
Well, now there's an incentive, and a little guidance. As they said in the dot-com boom- "all I need now is a good idea".

american idol 6

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I've never been an Idols - or even reality - fan. But this season of American Idol has really got me hooked - we rush home to watch our double episodes, because it's two hours of sheer entertainment. And it's so incredibly well done - impeccably well edited and scripted. And Ryan is a hoot!
These americans are crazeeeeee! In particular, you have to meet Ian. He auditioned on So You Think You Can Dance before, and it was equally hideous - and hilarious.

Here's his dance audition.

If you haven't seen it yet, make a date with Simon, Tuesdays and Wednesday on M-Net Series - it's well worth it.

outdoor wallpaper

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Robin found this amazing product called Outdoor Wallpaper. We saw something similar at the MOMA store in San Francisco, but not used to this extend - it's really beautiful. It creates durable patterns of damask that you can hang outside anywhere you want - and if you're anything like me, damask rules.
I've always liked wrought iron bits outside, but only because I thought they were the only option - outdoor wallpaper wins - now if only they'd bring it here...

work peeps

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Us at our work Bosberaad in the Drakensburg in January of this year.
Yes, that is the YMCA. :o)


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Partly out of curiousity, and partly for work I decided to register on YouTube. It took me flipping forever - millions and millions of users do tend to whittle down the usernames you can have - but it's pretty easy to set up after that. Now I don't have too many videos, but watch this space - I find myself inspired (new camera WILL have filming ability)!!!
If not for my vidoes, check it out for those I've marked as favourites. And I'm always on the lookout for more.

As of my birthday, I am now angelonfilm. :o)

moyo on sundays

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I love moyo zoo lake on Sundays. Their food is not nearly as glam or metropolitan as the moyos in town and melrose, but it's just such a unique setting. And it's flipping close to home. Their deco is beautiful, the outdoors expansive, and there's nothing better than whiling away an afternoon on one of their couches sipping chardonnay.
My usual culinary favourite is the chicken ... , but while there on Sunday last week (robin's family was in town) I decided to go with the buffet instead - we all did! And it was such a spread. What was meant to be a fairly quick bite to eat turned into a full afternoon of drinks, more drinks, and constant eating. I haven't had that many meringues in a while...

Sam, robin and moi

my new favourite picture of us

stuff on my cat

Posted by on | | 1 comments rocks! And not just because I have a cat I'm likely to take advantage of. People literally submit pics of their cats covered in...stuff.
This picture from the front page of the site today cracks me up. And Robin said I couldn't wrap my kitties in cling wrap...

I have the calendar too.

happy birthday to meeeeeee!

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It's today! It finally is - it's my birthday! I've had the most amazing day so far...
Robin and I went to see Wonderboom launch their new CD last night. The venue was a bit odd for a live gig, but it was good to see them again. It wasn't their best perfomance, but they're always a crowd pleaser. I also took photographs for the first time in years. Proper rock gig scuse-me-i'm-coming-through-and-i-have-a-camera pics. It's been so long, and those were always my favourite to do. It's such a rush, and I think i'm pretty good at getting in there and getting the shot I want. Anyway, last night was the first time in a long time, so I was a little rusty, and I was using an unfamiliar camera, but it felt so amazing. I've resovled to get myself a decent camera again (mine died), and actually start chasing the pics again. It's a little different from before, as I'm not working towards a student portfolio, or to complete a project, but I want to get my body of work back up. So look out guys - you going to be seeing me under your stages a lot more from now on :o)

We got home by midnight, so we could be all ready for the start of the big day, and Robin had prezzies. And boy did Robin have prezzies! I got sooooo spoiled. I recommend all women send their men off overseas weeks before their birthdays :o)
And the thing about my prezzies - they're so totally me. So completely well chosen for me. I'm not sure many people would appreciate that I got a TEN INCH TOKIDOKI TREXI!!!!! But OMG that's huge! :oD
There were music videos, vinyl toys, bonsai trees, wallpaper vinyls, chocolates, an external drive designed by Porche (!) - all while sipping our valentine's champagne. We eventually fell asleep after 1.

This morning I got woken up by a really, really early phone call. Needless to say I stuck it under a pillow. Then it was time for more prezzies! More vinyl toys, tim burton toys, clothing, jewellery, victoria secrets make up! It's all just too much I tell you.
In fact, I think I should leave work right now and go home to play with my loot.

Into work, and one of my colleagues had left me a gift on my desk. She's so incredibly sweet. She's remembered mine and robin's birthdays every year for the last three years. My close friends don't even always get that right. And then there were my birthday emails - thanks guys - I love it when people remember :o)

So all in all, it's shaping up to be a really good day. We haven't decided yet what we're doing tonight, but it's either dinner somewhere, or at home watching season one of Scrubs (which I got us for Valentine's day). Looking forward to it :o)

Thanks everyone - you've made it a wonderful day.