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We're off to Thailand in 2 week's time, and I've been doing some research in to what it is I want to see while I'm there. We're doing the islands and Bangkok in particular, but what I'm finding in the mainland and inland of Thailand is simply astounding. This one blew me away - Rong Khun Temple in Chang Rai (north Thailand) is more popularly known as the White Temple. This is because the temple is pure white - every piece of it painted white, and with white glass. It's absolutely beautiful to see, and even more amazing - it's being built in our lifetime. In fact, the builder is one of Thailand's most renowned artists, is still alive and you can read his description of his life's work here.

Think of all those churches and temples, and monasteries and castles you see in pictures and while traveling. They were all built in a time when religion came first, and beauty was bestowed on these important buildings of faith. You never think of one actually being built in this time period. Chaleumchai Kositpipat, the artist, has dedicated his life to the completion of this temple, and estimates that it will take another 60 - 70 years to complete all nine buildings of the temple. He's counting on his next two generations...

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po said...

That temple looks amazing. I had never heard of it. When I go to Thailand again I shall try to check it out.

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