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toby's secret society

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One of my fave designers ever, Gary Baseman, recently released his own 3" series with Kidrobot, Toby's Secret Society. It features the ever-present Toby (who's been around the world and back) and his secret society of "11 spirits and brethren".

Hubby brought me my first ones back from Cape Town, and I love 'em!

Now to find Veritas, my missing truth, and hopefully, the others.


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I love this :)

Mango Kelly

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He's carrying on like he's read the baby growth manual :)
He's like clockwork! My baby app says I should feel fine from now, and I do. It says I'll feel hungry, and I do. And today, it says I'll start feeling him move, and what do you know... As the gynae explains it, "it'll feel like gas bubbles". Nice.

Power of suggestion? Who knows - but that would be very powerful! I prefer to think that the universe has given me the easiest baby in the world, knowing all my trepidation and resistance to the idea beforehand. I've not had to deal with any of the really debilitating side effects (nausea, weight, swelling, cravings, food avoidance), and for that I'm very grateful.

I also realised my surgery last year has made me immune to just about everything that would ordinarily have freaked me out - scans, probes, expanding uterus, the birth. When you've had a 2kg fibroid removed, how different can this be?

You sneaky, sneaky universe! I see you at work...

Sweet Potato Kelly

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It's a boy! And yes, apparently he's now the size of a sweet potato.

I was again a little nervous for this morning's scan, as I really can't tell if there's anyone down there, or if I'm putting this on. No illness, discomfort, or crazy appetite to speak of. But he's in there, all tucked up and doing his yoga. So the plan is to now just embrace how utterly devoid of symptoms this pregnancy is, and let him just get on with it and do his thing.

Working our way through the produce section. Next up - mango!