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old biscuit mill

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I'm pretty sure I've waxed lyrical about The Old Biscuit Mill here before, but if not, here I go... It's the best way to spend a Saturday morning in Cape Town, taking in the scene of culture-on-culture, while bustling your way through beautiful and interesting people to get to the glass of champagne, oysters, chicken roll, fresh apple tea, enormous cup cakes, 70cm pizza, falafel or curry - depends what you choose to have for breakfast.
The tastes are amazing, the stores are fun and you never know who you're going to bump in to.

What excites me about The ' Mill this morning is its website. It's adorable! No high-tech flash, and yet it does have some fantastic ideas - and I'm particularly fond of my new discovery this morning - they've worked in images of all the people who actually have stores there. Click on "SHOPS", and each of them pops up in the doorway displaying their wares (I sound like an old nursery rhyme). It's even more fun, as one of my family members is in there - see you Dales! :)

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