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Lil Kim and Tupac ShakurDavid Lachapelle is one of the best portrait photographers alive today (an important distinction to make). He's photographed some of the top celebs around, and somehow always gets exactly what he wants out of them. He's done the Beastie Boys as hot dog salemen, Blink 182 as trash collectors, Drew Carey on a spit, Billy Corgan in the womb and David Duchovny in silver spandex! The list goes on and on and on and on... You can see his best portraits on David's official site.
But he's not only good at twisting celebs around his little finger. He's a master photographer. His lighting is flawless. I wouldn't like to guess at how many shots it takes to get his picture-perfect exposures, but he gets them. He's incredibly fortunate to be able to work with the subjects that he does, but he makes true gems out of them. If I could choose to work with any photographer in the world - it's this man. He's a flipping genius.

i'm downloadable

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I'm downloadable! Haha - here's my GO wallpaper!
Orange and green are just SO my colours... :oP


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thomThey're one of my favourite bands ever. Of all time. No doubt. And yet these guys keep surprising me. One of my reads for today is their blog, where Thom and the boys regularly post random thoughts, notices and ideas as they come to them. Just like yours and my blog really. Except ...they're Radiohead for goodness' sake!
I wish I had the skills of a reviewer to aptly describe their work. All I can tell you is that Hail to the Thief takes me to dark skies, tiny lights, sick bunnies and blue spaces. OK Computer is baby blue, red and gasping for air. These are my two favourite albums, and news that Thom is doing something "solo" gets me tingly inside. 'Specially as he's working with Godrich - RH's regular producer. How do I do justice in writing to a group that are writing masters and geniuses in their field? WE LOVE RADIOHEAD!

"today, myself, i was struggling, feels like we been trapped for a long time.
in la la land. very frustrating. and under pressure now
its so slow.
enough to drive anyone loopy. im supposed to be positive>>
smiling faces for the outside. well im fucking tearing my hair out.
too much at once.
furiously writing, working out parts. cracking up.
not much time left. unshure about everything.
im not supposed to put any of this here. so thats why i am."

~ Thom


Thom's new album - The Eraser.

the album art

kilt baby

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Look out! It's the attack of the killer kilt baby! Nice one andrew :oD

Odd as it sounds, it's been fascinating watching the new parents around me and seeing how they deal with their little bundles of polony. The babies are interesting enough, developing their own little personalities and personas, but the parents - they're the ones to watch. It's them that are neurotic, proud, absorbed, obsessed, manic, terrified, worried, too-busy-to-breath, exhausted and ecstatic.

mother's day

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robin & iIt was Mothers' day on Sunday, and Justin's birthday, so we went for a sushi dinner to ...ahem ...warm us all up. :ol hehe
Thank goodness for wine :o) Oh, and Robin's mom was SOOOOO spoiled!

new york, new york

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Plans are well under way! We have our tickets, now we're deciding where to stay, where to shop, where to eat, where to walk, where to watch, where to read, where to new york basically!
But just to make you drool so long... here's where we're staying - The Alex. To-die-for sweetie darling!!!
The Alex: entrance, lobby, dining

happy birthday vanoodle!

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You share your birthday with Burt Bacharach! Legend! hehe


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tokidokitokidoki nurseOMG! So this is definitely my find of the day. I stumbled across the URL in a pic I quite liked - and that's where I linked cactus friends from Peepshow (see below) to tokidoki. But tokidoki is just FULL of amazing stuff. They have really simple, elegant designs that you find yourself looking at twice to notice the detail - a tattoo here, a scythe there - and they put them on everything. Skateboards, bags, tees, iSkins - you name it. Spend some time on their site - it's not all about merch. They also do intriguing animations. One thing though - leave the sound off - its enough to ruin your exploration. Also ensure you have pop-ups enabled - the real stuff is in a pop-up rather than the direct page.
Watch this space for a toki-skinned blog ;o)

fall in love with vinyl toys

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cactus friends These cactus friends are SO on my wish list! They're from Japanese art brand tokidoki.


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We were discussing babies in the office today and how they're all ugly. They just are. There's nothing you can do about that squashed polony look. And hair doesn't seem to help. Parents think their offspring are gorgeous, and this is expected - cos who else would?
And yet everyone agreed that this little sprog doesn't fit the bill. She actually is as sweet as babies are fabled to be. Congrats Andrew and Alison - Erin is lovely.

little erin
ps: she's only two days old here.

ugly dolls

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ugly dolls It's the Ugly Dolls! Robin brought me a plush Ugly Doll from new york - I have Cinko. But we've just discovered a shop where you can get 6" vinyl ones! OMG!
It's one of my new appreciations - limited edition toys done by designers. I have a very small collection at the moment, but this is a design outlet that really appeals to me. Peepshow - recently opened in Parktown North - seems to have a pretty cool collection. And an unusual one for these shores - these figures are not easy to come by. I'll show you my squirrel soon.

sorry russia :o(

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russia each day


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Thing I love most about having a blog: being able to keep track of all the gems you find online and can't physically keep anywhere. Sometimes a daily dose of nonsense can be you in a nutshell :o)

smart art

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An awesome find! They can take any image you give them, and turn it into something you can use in your home. So a pic of your kitty can cover your bar stool. Or a pic of your best friend from grade one can become your bathroom tile. Why, I don't know, but there's no accounting for taste. Point is - you can do it! Yay for smart art!

itunes r us

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Slick, white laptop, and my bluetooth wireless mouse - Acorn and NutThere's nothing more exciting for me than discovering something you own has WAY more functions and buttons and knobs and doo-dabbies that you can play with. 'Specially when you think you've found them all. This is how I've been with my laptop since I got it. There's always something else fab it can do that I never knew - always more to learn. So this weekend I spent learning how to use iTunes (thanks woogie). Although I can't link to Apple's official iTunes store and download stuff just yet (you bastards who exclude SA!), I can customize and organise the files that have been, till now, clogging up my filing and making me afraid to even open my music folder. Who knew it was so easy!
So I've been loading my discs onto my laptop, categorising, creating playlists and - my favourite - adding album art. For someone like me who loves CD sleeves and inlays this is a real bonus.
I am once again ├╝ber proud of my little iBook and it's magic tricks. And plenty nay-sayers there may be, but Steve Jobs - I like how you think.

top of the pops

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Love to know the juiceys on everyone as and when they happen? BBC's Top of the Pops daily news is a great teatime read for who's fighting with who, and who's made a right tosser of themselves. In today's news: Pete Doherty fluffs it (again), Britney's getting married (again) and Damon says Liam would make a good Gorilla. Not in those words *grin*

blockbuster bunnies

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Pulp FictionOne of my all-time favourites! Hit movies reanacted by bunnies in 30 second shorts - have you ever! I love these bunnies! With high-pitched voices and cute little ears, these bunnies tell full length movies such as Scream, Rocky HorrorThe Exorsist, Highlander and Titanic. My personal faves are Pulp Fiction (left), Rocky Horror Picture Show (right) and Star Wars. They've recently added War of the Worlds. See them all on angry alien - these bunnies are bound to get you giggling.


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robin's muglet
Make yourself a muglet! Simply stick your face in the space and get jiggy with it!

napoleon dynamite

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napoleonNapoleon Dynamite cost just $400 000 to make, the lead actor apparently earned $10 000 and it grossed over $45 million worldwide!
It's difficult to describe the movie without sounding too dry. Napoleon is the next big cult icon and you just can't explain why. He's a complete anti-hero and yet he's being quoted in schools and colleges across the globe. "[He's] that kid who sat next to you in math class and never said a word to you - he just sat there drawing magical creatures". Jon Heder (plays napoleon)
I don't think I can do Napoleon justice. But to give you a taste, here's how you can learn to dance like Napoleon - brilliant!

work peeps

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picnic in the park
These are all the pretty people I work with. Some are designers, some developers, some writers, some drinkers, some all of the above. As colleagues go, and from stories I've heard of other offices - this bunch are pretty cool ;o)
This is us sitting in the gardens at Zoo lake enjoying Moyo's finger foods.

you're not the only one bored at work

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chuck makes an appearanceQuip board lets you view reems and reems of messages that random people have written and saved - their "quips". You can write your own or edit someone else's. If you're looking at an edited message, you can see the original. It's not hugely creative, but it is fun to see what goes through other people's heads.


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Here's a nice time-waster/game (one of many I'm sure I'll blog...). It's called Guess-the-Google. What you basically have to do is guess which word has been entered into Google Image Search to bring back the pictures they've presented you with. The answer to this one, for example, was "green".
Try it out - it's addictive.

winter wunderland

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If you're anything like me, you're wearing three layers of clothes, a snazzy new scarf, socks that reach your knees and you've taken a fresh new liking to old brown sherry. Yup - winter's here!
And I'm a complete woos when it comes to the cold. So from me to you - happy winter, and I hope blue looks good on your toes!

loves it!

old friends, new friends

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us in durbs
We went down to ballito for the weekend to see Gary and Leigh Ann get married at Zimbali. Quite something. I've decided we need way more of this weekend-away stuff. But without the freaky B 'n B owners. Above is a pic of myself, my mom, Nadja and Vanessa at dinner the night before. Below is Robin and I at the wedding. Luverly.