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funny bunny dunny

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Another vinyl toy collection I've started is the dunny. This unsuspecting little guy looks a little like a bunny rabbit in form, and like nothing on earth once a designer has been let loose on it. They come in little sealed foil bags, so you never know which one you're getting - it's always a surprise, and always a little scary incase you get the same guy you already have (there aren't exactly loads of collectors to swap with in sa). Imagine my excitement when out of my christmas stocking tumbled a little box I recognised. And it was different from the two i Have! So meet new dunny - robber in the middle there, who's head reads "I get mines the fast way..."
The bird nest dunny on the left is designed by CW, the robber by Mishka, and the hello dunny by Huck Gee.

blogger hiatus

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Looking at my blog, I've realised something - I haven't blogged nearly as regularly as I used to. Which is sad, because my blog has really turned into a little scrapbook for me, and I'd hate to lose or forget all those things I haven't had the time to blog (isn't that always just the worst reason). So the next few posts may be a little out of synch, but I'm determined to get my flow going again. and seeing as it's holidays, and I have a new office (that may be a future out of synch post), there's no excuse. Apologies if my link has been boring to click on recently...

stocking filler

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So christmas was fun. A time to spend with family and laugh at those same old jokes and quirks you've been laughing at for years - just less and less as we all become busier and busier. And here's a christmas present we were definitely not expecting. This little girl was found in a macdonald's parking lot by Brennan and Philipa. After some deliberation we decided to give her a home. And boy has she taken to it. Her name's Vegas, and expect to see a lot more pics of her.

Vegasasleep on the beanbagasleep in dad's arms