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26 - just checking in

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26 has been quite a big year for me. Huge in fact. And now I'm back from New York with even more life-changing news.
It started just 9 months ago with Robin and I finally deciding to give us a try. Who knew *evil grin*
Then I got a new car. Oh - new job description in January. All the while trying to find my feet with the presenting gig, and my living arrangements. Huge.
So my news for today - we got engaged!
We're busy putting together a blog of our trip which I'll direct you to soon. But it really was the trip of a lifetime with the tone being set by our scary but wonderfully exciting decision. More news soon - watch this space!


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bouncy balls
This is one of my favourite ads. I want to be standing right in the middle of the road when they let the balls flow down! It's gorgeous - the music, the simplicity, the colour. You want to feel what it's like to have so many balls bouncing passed you, into you. To see that colour flowing down a main street with nothing to stop it. So I think I'll take my own ball and send it running down - another reason to visit San Fran :o)

happy birthday robin!

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Playboy cover from September, 1973
33 (number)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
33 (thirty-three) is the natural number following 32 and preceding 34.

33 is the largest positive integer that can not be expressed as a sum of different triangular numbers. It is also the smallest odd repdigit that's not prime (unless we consider 1-digit integers to also be repdigits).

The sum of the first four factorials is 33. Adding up the sums of divisors for the 1 through 6 yields 33. 33 is the smallest integer such that it and the next two integers all have the same number of divisors.

33 is also the atomic number of arsenic.

david brent rules!

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We recently finished watching my DVD set of The Office. It took Robin all of 2 episodes to get into it. And it really is like that - compelling in a cringable squeamish kinda way. But even we couldn't handle too much David Brent in one weekend. Robin made an interesting observation - that the Christmas Specials finish it off too neatly. That they tie up too many of the loose ends and emotions. On reflection though, we've decided you HAVE to watch it with the Specials. It was those that made the series for me. Otherwise it was just a series of embarrassmentsThe Office at the hands of one of the strangest characters in TV history. Including Basil Fawlty. Make some time and watch The Office - with the Specials. You'll appreciate the script in a way no Amercian sitcom can surprise you. David Brent is just too much. Gareth makes me laugh. I like Tim and Dawn.

the cast and crew

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Following on from the post about our New media movie, here are some pics of the "Oscars" event that we attended to win all our awards. Naturally we all went in our overalls. This is us at the after-drinks held in the old Big Brother garden. Yes - where Ferdie...
Greg and I looking dubious
Robin looking saxy!
Head of New Media, Jason, and Robin's partner, GlennGreg and Robin - now out of his overalls

We were nominated for 9 awards, took 2. Hollywood here we come!

full moon...

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...seen from my house - kitty and I exploring my tripod
moon - doughnut in the sky!

kitty pikchas

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kitty in the bathroom
kitty having a bath
Russia's been spending quite a bit of time in Greenside lately, and he's never been happier. He's already got his favourite spots and the most bizarre routine - which includes chasing a shampoo lid round and round and round in the bath, batting his ball up and down the passage, getting up at 5am to go play with the birds and eating really crunchy dry bits as loud as he can at 2am every morning. GNA GNA GNA.
And he also gets incredibly spoiled! All in all, he's eating better than ever, and looks a lot happier and healthier. Seems Russia's not so much a northern suburbs kitty :o)

3 more sleeps!

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knock me out - please!