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munch munch

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And if all that Dunny cuteness wasn't enough for one day, meet the Fluffy Friends! Plush toys with teeth that'll chomp their way through to your heart.

today's the day!

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Dunny 2011 is launched.
At Kidrobot stores around the world, people will be gathering to rip open little boxes and ooh and aah at their contents. Dunny 2011 looks like a fantastic series, and I can't wait to get my paws on some of them.

kidrobot vs swatch

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A while back i saw a release blog post of a Kidrobot and Swatch collaboration with this beautiful watch and dunny by Tara McPherson. Each watch comes with a custom dunny, and you can only buy the two together.

Desperately searching for where to buy this one, I found this - it's a bazooka of a watch collection and I want it!

There are eight watches in the collection, with a dunny for each, as well as an 8 inch Frank Kozik dunny.  Other designers include Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Tilt, SSUR, Jeremyville and MADL.
Only 300 sets will be available worldwide.

Let the search begin!