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toby's secret society

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One of my fave designers ever, Gary Baseman, recently released his own 3" series with Kidrobot, Toby's Secret Society. It features the ever-present Toby (who's been around the world and back) and his secret society of "11 spirits and brethren".

Hubby brought me my first ones back from Cape Town, and I love 'em!

Now to find Veritas, my missing truth, and hopefully, the others.


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I love this :)

Mango Kelly

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He's carrying on like he's read the baby growth manual :)
He's like clockwork! My baby app says I should feel fine from now, and I do. It says I'll feel hungry, and I do. And today, it says I'll start feeling him move, and what do you know... As the gynae explains it, "it'll feel like gas bubbles". Nice.

Power of suggestion? Who knows - but that would be very powerful! I prefer to think that the universe has given me the easiest baby in the world, knowing all my trepidation and resistance to the idea beforehand. I've not had to deal with any of the really debilitating side effects (nausea, weight, swelling, cravings, food avoidance), and for that I'm very grateful.

I also realised my surgery last year has made me immune to just about everything that would ordinarily have freaked me out - scans, probes, expanding uterus, the birth. When you've had a 2kg fibroid removed, how different can this be?

You sneaky, sneaky universe! I see you at work...

Sweet Potato Kelly

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It's a boy! And yes, apparently he's now the size of a sweet potato.

I was again a little nervous for this morning's scan, as I really can't tell if there's anyone down there, or if I'm putting this on. No illness, discomfort, or crazy appetite to speak of. But he's in there, all tucked up and doing his yoga. So the plan is to now just embrace how utterly devoid of symptoms this pregnancy is, and let him just get on with it and do his thing.

Working our way through the produce section. Next up - mango!

barbie is a babe!

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Not all Barbies which obviously offend a lot of people's sense of feminism, body image expectation etc. But for this one, I'd make an exception!
Favourite designer tokidoki has landed a massive coup - he's designed a limited edition Barbie and they've been brave enough to do something they've never done before - give her tattoos!
She comes clad in typical tokidoki gear, right down to pet dog Bastardino.

Also, she's totally and completely sold out. So this is probably as close as you're going to get to her.

Peach Kelly

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So this morning we went for my 12 week scan, officially the end of my first trimester - whoopee! They say the symptoms you're experiencing should ease up in your second trimester, and mine seemed to work like clockwork. One day I was queasy, the next day I wasn't. Thank you very much.

It did, however, leave me with a disconcerting feeling akin to "hello, you still in there!?!". Which is why this morning's scan was a relief. All is still in order, Peach (so named now, because he/she is approx 7cm long, the size of a Peach) is still there, growing swiftly, and - oddly - doing the macarena. I didn't know babies moved so much at this stage! We could actually watch on the scanner as Peach bobbed, weaved and did everything except help the gynae get her snapshot.

So we're on track for April 2012, and all the pandemonium it brings with it.

swatch it to me

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kidrobot vs swatch

Olive Kelly

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We have a baba on the way, due in April next year. Did I just say that?

It's name (it hasn't decided what gender it wants to be yet) isn't Olive, that's just what size it is right now. A green olive to be precise, 2.54cm long. That's according to one of the many apps I've found on pregnancy in itunes. It seems the mobile revolution Apple brought about with their iPhone is even changing the traditions of motherhood. Wondering whether you can eat that delicious looking camambert? Look it up online! No more having to read a book, call your gynae or ask your mom. And no, by the way, you can't eat it.

Which surprised me actually. Although I really thought the list of foods to avoid would be a lot longer, but the only ones I've really had to give up are sushi, cheeses like Camembert and feta and cold meats like ham. And, of course, alcohol. Other than that, there's really not too much change to your daily diet. Other than the fact that you eat like a horse all of a sudden. I can go from full to famished in minutes, and it's bloody hard to keep up! I've taken to carrying a bag of carrots or an apple around with me. You never know when the hunger is going to strike.

The only other symptom I can complain of right now is fatigue. Severe, debilitating fatigue. If I'm not in bed by 9 every night I won't make it through the next day. Quite an adjustment for R, who's wondering what to do with himself when I want to tootle off to bed at 8.30, but I've learnt this lesson the hard way.

And I guess that really isn't all that bad. For the moment. I've managed to skip morning sickness, bloating, constant peeing and most of my clothes still fit. Stupendous.

Right now my What to Expect app is telling me that I have 31 weeks and 2 days to go, and apparently Olive has officially moved on from being an embryo to a fetus. He/she has a new liver, spleen and gallbladder. My Pregnancy Today is telling me I should start taking belly photos this week, but there really is nothing to take yet, so that'll have to wait for a bit.

then and now

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This is Elly and Pim, my mother's second cousins (as far as i can tell) in Holland.
For a couple of years now I've been working on a project to preserve the memories and stories of the Dutch side of my family. Initially I tried to find out who each person in each picture was, but that proved very daunting, so now I'm just scanning and uploading all the pics and saving them on Flickr.

One day I'll go back and add the names and stories.

It's proved to be a fascinating project that has reconnected me with family I never knew I had - like Elly and Pim above. They have a family tree of the van Hoofts (my gran's side) running back to 1374! I don't know who did the work to put that together, but it's incredible.
It's also shown me a world I've never seen before - immigrants arriving at a new harbour, family portraits in a country devastated by war.

See an older world you never knew here.

custom labbit show

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On Saturday 6 August, ToiToy in Cape Town will be holding their second custom vinyl toy show, this time using Frank Kozik's iconic Smorkin Labbit - and I'm super excited!

Not just because I love toys, and I do, but because I've been actively involved in this one, selecting some of the designers that would get to customise the 10" bunny-with-an-addiction.

The pieces will go on display on Saturday 6 August at 10.00 in the ToiToy store on Kloof St, but will only be available for purchase from the ToiToy website (for the benefit of international customers).

Here are the ones done by designers I chose:

Board Brain by Paul Oxborrow

Commander Jin by David Maclennan

Trash Magnet by Hilton Qiu

Senor DeMario by Ivana Raguz

Say My Name by Hannah Hughes

You can get a sneak peek of the rest of the customs here.

an exhibition

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Nathaniel Stern is back in the country for a short sojourn and bringing his famous "lily scans" with him. Only this time, they're not our local Emmarentia lilies, but American Midwestern lilies.

For those who haven't seen this particular work before, Nathaniel has had a custom body-pack made so that he can strap on a desktop scanner and a laptop, and then he wades in to a lake - and literally scans lilies. Read more about his process here.

His latest exhibition will open this Saturday (30 July) at 2pm at Art On Paper (44 Stanley in Johannesburg).

it's for a good cause

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Who wouldn't want a pink breast cancer charity ninja from Shawnimals??? There are only 100 pieces, and she comes with a 6x8" print. 
plush, it's for a good cause

via Clutter magazine

munch munch

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And if all that Dunny cuteness wasn't enough for one day, meet the Fluffy Friends! Plush toys with teeth that'll chomp their way through to your heart.

today's the day!

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Dunny 2011 is launched.
At Kidrobot stores around the world, people will be gathering to rip open little boxes and ooh and aah at their contents. Dunny 2011 looks like a fantastic series, and I can't wait to get my paws on some of them.

kidrobot vs swatch

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A while back i saw a release blog post of a Kidrobot and Swatch collaboration with this beautiful watch and dunny by Tara McPherson. Each watch comes with a custom dunny, and you can only buy the two together.

Desperately searching for where to buy this one, I found this - it's a bazooka of a watch collection and I want it!

There are eight watches in the collection, with a dunny for each, as well as an 8 inch Frank Kozik dunny.  Other designers include Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Tilt, SSUR, Jeremyville and MADL.
Only 300 sets will be available worldwide.

Let the search begin!

happy africa day!

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It's Africa day today! I have no idea what that entails or means, but happy Africa Day :)

mr birthday

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Yesterday was Roger Hargreaves' birthday, the man who created the Mr Men. Google honoured the day with a variety of Mr Men Google logos - so cute!

Mr Messy is my favourite :)

none was given...

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This so beautifully depicts my cat :)

inspiring tv

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I have never been a fan of reality TV - not any form of it. But recently I find myself wrapped up in two particular shows. What's different about these, is the spirit in which they're done. Even though they both focus on the contestant's skills or talents, and choosing who's best, there's no need to break people down for TV ratings. Like Idols. It also isn't just mindless entertainment, like Big Brother.

My new addictions are Project Runway and Masterchef Australia. Masterchef Australia I find absolutely awe-inspiring as a TV show! The positivity that simply GUSHES out of those presenters and hosts is astounding. They don't criticise for TV's sake, they're not mean to make a point or to live up to some scripted characterization. They really are interested in fostering the best chef potentials they can find. And their habit of giving contestants a leg up in the industry - even those who fall out early in the game, proves that. It really isn't TV we've seen before. And the fact that it's so successful shows you don't always have to have a bully to make good reality TV. And on a purely human level, I think it shows that us as an audience are capable of enjoying a show where people aren't being beaten down. Well done Aussies. Well done us.

Then Project Runway. Wow. How did I miss this for 6 seasons? I'm truly glued to that show. The creations are mind blowing, the talent extraordinary. I would give my left arm to be able to create what these people do. But then I wouldn't be able to do it properly. So I won't.
But it really is an inspiring show, and what these people are able to create in one day... I'm jealous. I'm a bit behind on the broadcast and am watching it on PVR, so no spoilers please, but right now my favourite is Seth Aaron. In the episode I watched last night he created a coat of the "New York sky at night". It's all black leather swirls and sweeps. Beautiful! I would love me a Seth Aaron masterpiece in my coat collection. Love love.

retro digital

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Leica made a lot of noise when they brought out their classic Leica camera as a digital - and then miniaturized it! Gorgeous. And here's another in that vein that I can't help but want want want!

"going dutch" not so easy anymore

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So the Netherlands recently swore in a brand new parliament made up of a coalition of smaller parties. Interestingly, these parties are a lot of the "fringe" parties we tend to see in our own elections - Christian democratic parties and very conservative nationalist parties. And now they hold the power.

What this has led to is a sharp change in what people up until now have perceived as Dutch tolerance. Language tests for potential immigrants, banning the burqa and closing off the famous "coffee shops" to foreign tourists. The Netherlands seems to be following in France's footsteps (who have already banned the  burqa) in trying to reclaim their culture and heritage.

On our trip to Amsterdam we certainly didn't feel like we were in a Dutch city. The famous red light district seems to be mostly east European run, the bars are full of British louts on bachelor parties, and there are only foreigners on the streets. To be expected in any major European city for sure, but we've not felt it quite to that extent, except maybe in Barcelona - another one of Europe's playgrounds.

I have to admit I agree with the language policy for immigrants - I don't see why a country should accept you if you make no effort to fit in. I've never understood how you get to benefit from a country's health, education and welfare systems without making any attempt of your own to fit in to that culture. You chose to immigrate there, you chose that country, you need to make the effort.

Refugees are of course a different subject, and one I think Europe is really struggling with. If you didn't choose to live in France - you're fleeing for your life - I can understand how having your traditional garb banned is a problem for you. And maybe moving again to another country isn't that easy an option. But for the most part (ie: the rest of the immigrants in the world, us notorious saffas included), I think you need to fit in with your chosen country's laws and standards. I would never, for example, move to Iraq where I know I couldn't live with their culture's views on women. It's a choice.

It's a difficult argument, and one everyone has an opinion on. In the case of the Netherlands, I think they run the risk of pushing their new conservatism too far, purely because of the scary right wing mouthpiece they have in government pushing for the changes (who is already in court facing five charges of inciting hatred against Muslims - charming). But stories like this Time one still piss me off. Shame, she has to learn the language so that she isn't sent back to live in dangerous Pakistan where she fears for her life. But what, she's made NO attempt to learn it in the 16 years she's already been living there? Shame.

ultimate sewing table

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This glorious table will be launched at this year's design Salone. It's not just a table - it has a comfy chair built in too. Co.Design mention uses like waiting rooms, airports and libraries, but this would make the most fantastic craft/sewing table, where you need oodles of flat space, but smetimes you also just need somewhere to plonk your derriere.

chocolate lego men - for realsies!

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More in the kitchen fun! Sugar Swings has put together a great "how to" to help you make these cute Lego men - in chocolate! All you really need is a lot of patience and the Lego ice cube tray mold. I have the patience - if anyone finds the mold PLEASE let me know!

bread bears!

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How utterly gorgeous are these bread bears? They're really just little bread rolls baked in to cute shapes, but what a way to impress your guests :)

hoppity happenings

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A revived interest in felt creations, a great buy at a haberdashery, and an upcoming stork party all mixed together to make the GIANT BUNNY CUBE!

All you need is a large piece of felt (any colour you want your bunny to be), marker pens, thread and a complimentary colour - and this super easy pattern.


You can of course make any creature you want with this basic shape, just changing the features and colours of your felt. I've also upsized my bunny, but you can make them as big or small as you like.

felt funnies

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A haberdashery store in Joburg recently had a sale on craft goods, and I got a fantastic little pile of bright, fun felt squares - perfect for small felt creatures and goodies! While I was laying out the colours though, someone else decided they were perfect too...

Perfect to attack that is!

Imagine her excitement when she sees the pile my mom brought me!