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spoiled rotten!

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Robin got back from Panama on Friday and I got ridiculously spoiled! Seriously. I'm like a kid in a candy store. He has an amazing ability to buy gifts - not just for me, but for everyone. He somehow zeros in so well on what he knows you'll like. So Friday and Saturday were spent lazing in bed piled high by all my new toys! Below are some pics of my booty...

so much booty!
Brand new DKNY Red Delicious (not yet released here), Mac iBook-specifc laptop bag (has anyone tried to put a mac into a regular laptop bag? it's just silly), iPOD video 30G (now named Squirrel), Jean Paul Gaultier Classique (the latest bodice).
Not pictured here - a swish Tumi laptop bag in matching orange for when I want to dress up, knee-high brown leather boots from Panama city (very sexy!) and of course the chocolate!
So after a weekend of uploading my iPOD with music and video, and sorting all my tech into little compartments, I arrived at work on Monday swinging a stylish looking laptop, headphones plugged in and smelling dee-vine :o)

Thanks schnoof - you spoil me endlessly.


Robin said...

the pleasure is all mine

noodle said...

Lordy, when did you become kept? I'm jealous…

Hey I also picked up some Red Delicious in my travels. Verrry niiice.

@ngel said...

I prefer to think of it as "cherished" ;o)
Tell Justin to get working dammit!

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