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da woogsta went to survivor

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Robin spent the first two weeks of shooting in Panama helping to set up and get things on the road. This is him in a tin can in the air. He gets back Friday! Wheee!

in a very little plane

Here's the entry he wrote for the official Survivor blog:

Greg's making this trip look like a holiday, but the question is what's the coolest position on this island?

The business: Yes, you're at the heart of all footage, and you get the insight into styles of each and every cameraperson and director - a great place to start if you want a holistic look at the production of film and TV.

The drag: Long hours in front of a small screen detailing the minutiae of other people's work. And you don't get a tan.

Cameraperson [very pc of him :o)]
The business: There isn't a part of the world you haven't seen intimately through the finest detail of a high powered lens. You get to realise the vision others only imagine. And chicks dig you.

The rub: Other people tell you what to do all the time, then they cut and edit your work. Think of birthing a child, and then someone takes it. And the tech is heavy.

The business: There isn't a person on the set who doesn't want to talk to you, and you get to tell each and every one of them what you want them to do. And they have to do it. You're god.

The twist: If anything goes wrong, with any person, doing anything, at any time, on any shoot – its your fault. You suck.

Creative Director
The business: You have absolute access to any part of the production, at any time, and even if they're halfway through a shoot, you can tell them its all sh*t and should be redone this way or that. You also get to pass your aesthetic opinion on what looks and 'feeeeels' better based on what you think looks and 'feeeeels' better.

The itch: A job where you pass opinions as fact; you're never responsible for things going wrong, only for looking right; no standard hours… You kidding me: this is without a doubt the ultimate position!

New Media Journalist
The business: While other people work, you watch them, sometimes report. That's a job.

The mixed blessing: The Swedish make-up/wardrobe girl never gets to undress our intrepid Greg!

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