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Photographer: Robin Kelly
If any of you are die hard Survivor fans, you're going to love this one! They're currently in Panama shooting Survivor South Africa - amidst the rain, mozzies - and according to today's account - cockroaches. How do I know all this? Well, there's a Survivor blog! One of our colleagues is there right now covering the production for the official website. And while he's there he's giving an inside scoop on what it's really like to be on the island. He's a really good writer to boot - these are his mixed blessings...

"Two months on a deserted island with nothing to do but write about TV. The perfect getaway, right? That’s what Greg Bowes, online journalist, thought too when he was asked to accompany the 14 lucky Survivors to a minute island in Panama. Currently living in room 1014 in a small hotel on a small island, Greg is reporting back daily on what it’s really like to be living amongst the mozzies, spiders and peacocks of this island paradise.

“Bruised, battered, beaten, bitten” was how he described his condition on day one – and that was before shooting began. Right now, Panama is anything but an island paradise. And not just for the Survivors. Having worked on major productions like Project Fame, Idols and Big Brother Nigeria, Greg is no stranger to the intensity and bustle that goes with a production of this magnitude. But his mettle is being tested daily as he tries to keep up with a crew of over one hundred bodies, and nail down the story for each day. Follow Greg’s daily adventures – and misadventures – in the exclusive behind-the-scenes blog – only on M-Net Online." ~ Ulindi Smit

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