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tokidokitokidoki nurseOMG! So this is definitely my find of the day. I stumbled across the URL in a pic I quite liked - and that's where I linked cactus friends from Peepshow (see below) to tokidoki. But tokidoki is just FULL of amazing stuff. They have really simple, elegant designs that you find yourself looking at twice to notice the detail - a tattoo here, a scythe there - and they put them on everything. Skateboards, bags, tees, iSkins - you name it. Spend some time on their site - it's not all about merch. They also do intriguing animations. One thing though - leave the sound off - its enough to ruin your exploration. Also ensure you have pop-ups enabled - the real stuff is in a pop-up rather than the direct page.
Watch this space for a toki-skinned blog ;o)

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