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Lil Kim and Tupac ShakurDavid Lachapelle is one of the best portrait photographers alive today (an important distinction to make). He's photographed some of the top celebs around, and somehow always gets exactly what he wants out of them. He's done the Beastie Boys as hot dog salemen, Blink 182 as trash collectors, Drew Carey on a spit, Billy Corgan in the womb and David Duchovny in silver spandex! The list goes on and on and on and on... You can see his best portraits on David's official site.
But he's not only good at twisting celebs around his little finger. He's a master photographer. His lighting is flawless. I wouldn't like to guess at how many shots it takes to get his picture-perfect exposures, but he gets them. He's incredibly fortunate to be able to work with the subjects that he does, but he makes true gems out of them. If I could choose to work with any photographer in the world - it's this man. He's a flipping genius.

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Yeah man, he's da bomb!

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