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napoleon dynamite

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napoleonNapoleon Dynamite cost just $400 000 to make, the lead actor apparently earned $10 000 and it grossed over $45 million worldwide!
It's difficult to describe the movie without sounding too dry. Napoleon is the next big cult icon and you just can't explain why. He's a complete anti-hero and yet he's being quoted in schools and colleges across the globe. "[He's] that kid who sat next to you in math class and never said a word to you - he just sat there drawing magical creatures". Jon Heder (plays napoleon)
I don't think I can do Napoleon justice. But to give you a taste, here's how you can learn to dance like Napoleon - brilliant!

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SlinkyMinks said...

"What you doin' today Napoleon?" little school bus kid.

"Whatever I feeeeeeel like doin' GOSH!" napoleon

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