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thomThey're one of my favourite bands ever. Of all time. No doubt. And yet these guys keep surprising me. One of my reads for today is their blog, where Thom and the boys regularly post random thoughts, notices and ideas as they come to them. Just like yours and my blog really. Except ...they're Radiohead for goodness' sake!
I wish I had the skills of a reviewer to aptly describe their work. All I can tell you is that Hail to the Thief takes me to dark skies, tiny lights, sick bunnies and blue spaces. OK Computer is baby blue, red and gasping for air. These are my two favourite albums, and news that Thom is doing something "solo" gets me tingly inside. 'Specially as he's working with Godrich - RH's regular producer. How do I do justice in writing to a group that are writing masters and geniuses in their field? WE LOVE RADIOHEAD!

"today, myself, i was struggling, feels like we been trapped for a long time.
in la la land. very frustrating. and under pressure now
its so slow.
enough to drive anyone loopy. im supposed to be positive>>
smiling faces for the outside. well im fucking tearing my hair out.
too much at once.
furiously writing, working out parts. cracking up.
not much time left. unshure about everything.
im not supposed to put any of this here. so thats why i am."

~ Thom


Thom's new album - The Eraser.

the album art

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