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custom labbit show

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On Saturday 6 August, ToiToy in Cape Town will be holding their second custom vinyl toy show, this time using Frank Kozik's iconic Smorkin Labbit - and I'm super excited!

Not just because I love toys, and I do, but because I've been actively involved in this one, selecting some of the designers that would get to customise the 10" bunny-with-an-addiction.

The pieces will go on display on Saturday 6 August at 10.00 in the ToiToy store on Kloof St, but will only be available for purchase from the ToiToy website (for the benefit of international customers).

Here are the ones done by designers I chose:

Board Brain by Paul Oxborrow

Commander Jin by David Maclennan

Trash Magnet by Hilton Qiu

Senor DeMario by Ivana Raguz

Say My Name by Hannah Hughes

You can get a sneak peek of the rest of the customs here.


Paul Oxborrow said...

The top one don't look like no bunny! But I am from Durban so I may have made it into a bunny chow and slyly replaced it with this monkey looking fellow ;-)

@ngel said...

you got me there! I totally didn't mention Madl.... least yours was on top tho!

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