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Peach Kelly

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So this morning we went for my 12 week scan, officially the end of my first trimester - whoopee! They say the symptoms you're experiencing should ease up in your second trimester, and mine seemed to work like clockwork. One day I was queasy, the next day I wasn't. Thank you very much.

It did, however, leave me with a disconcerting feeling akin to "hello, you still in there!?!". Which is why this morning's scan was a relief. All is still in order, Peach (so named now, because he/she is approx 7cm long, the size of a Peach) is still there, growing swiftly, and - oddly - doing the macarena. I didn't know babies moved so much at this stage! We could actually watch on the scanner as Peach bobbed, weaved and did everything except help the gynae get her snapshot.

So we're on track for April 2012, and all the pandemonium it brings with it.


Nadia said...

Yaaaay! Exciting times in the Kelly household indeed!

@ngel said...

scary belary :) but the shopping is fun

noodle said...


You're gonna be a mommmeeeee…

b said...

that's just peachy!
sorry my cheese is ripe it wld seem

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