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I have never been a fan of reality TV - not any form of it. But recently I find myself wrapped up in two particular shows. What's different about these, is the spirit in which they're done. Even though they both focus on the contestant's skills or talents, and choosing who's best, there's no need to break people down for TV ratings. Like Idols. It also isn't just mindless entertainment, like Big Brother.

My new addictions are Project Runway and Masterchef Australia. Masterchef Australia I find absolutely awe-inspiring as a TV show! The positivity that simply GUSHES out of those presenters and hosts is astounding. They don't criticise for TV's sake, they're not mean to make a point or to live up to some scripted characterization. They really are interested in fostering the best chef potentials they can find. And their habit of giving contestants a leg up in the industry - even those who fall out early in the game, proves that. It really isn't TV we've seen before. And the fact that it's so successful shows you don't always have to have a bully to make good reality TV. And on a purely human level, I think it shows that us as an audience are capable of enjoying a show where people aren't being beaten down. Well done Aussies. Well done us.

Then Project Runway. Wow. How did I miss this for 6 seasons? I'm truly glued to that show. The creations are mind blowing, the talent extraordinary. I would give my left arm to be able to create what these people do. But then I wouldn't be able to do it properly. So I won't.
But it really is an inspiring show, and what these people are able to create in one day... I'm jealous. I'm a bit behind on the broadcast and am watching it on PVR, so no spoilers please, but right now my favourite is Seth Aaron. In the episode I watched last night he created a coat of the "New York sky at night". It's all black leather swirls and sweeps. Beautiful! I would love me a Seth Aaron masterpiece in my coat collection. Love love.

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