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...the day Tim Burton's 9 is released - it's 09.09.09...

Also, 09.09.09 is significant around the world in many belief systems.
Some points about 9...

  • It is the product of 3X3 and three is the number of balance in mind, body and spirit. In science, there are nine planets in our solar system.
  • It takes nine months for a human baby to fully develop in the womb.
  • In history, number nine was a sacred number in both Egypt and Greece.
  • In religion, the hierarchy of angels has nine choruses. The Buddhists see the sky divided into nine celestial levels.
  • In Islam there are nine spheres in the universe.

These are from a local Bishop - can you think of any more?

Last year we had 08.08.08, next year we have 10.10.10, then 11.11.11, then 12.12.12, then it ends... just three more left

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