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I was surprised last night to find out Tim Burton has a new movie - that I knew nothing about! It's set for release on 9 September 09 - 9/9/09 - and is called... wait for it... 9.

Having spent today quickly finding out all I can about it (being the Tim Burton fan that I am), 9 looks to be a very dark (like you expected anything else?) new adventure in to animation for Burton. But very dark. The story centres around a group of sentient ragdolls made of burlap who live in an almost post-apocalyptic version of Earth. Or rather the post global warming world Al Gore has been warning us of. It's colourless, bleak and deserted... almost.
A ragtag little group of ragdolls, desperately wanting to survive see a potential leader in one of their own, and look to him for their survival. His name is 9.

The story is based on a short film of the same name by Shane Acker.

The trailer looks a little something like War of the Worlds - explosions, aliens, big spindly scary legs and whispered one-liners - but all done with animation. Even the bed music sounds like a big-budget action movie rather than an artsy animation. You decide:

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