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library progress

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A while back we started the quest to build a library - and we're very nearly done! Below is an update on the space we've been filling, and how progress has - very slowly - been going.

the two opposite walls we're filling with shelves, floor to ceiling:

the shelves start arriving in pieces...

and the shelves are assembled and fitted:

Next is the process of book-packing and categorizing and colour-coding... but that's a whole separate blog post.

to be continued...


The Don/Donovan said...

I think you should convert .... Im thinking Wine cellar

Bretton said...

where did you source the shelving? I'm keen on same idea.

@ngel said...

if you're in johannesburg, it's a furniture store in Parkhurst called Trading Spaces - they do customised and bespoke pieces to your needs. They also did my study desk:

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