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Late last year I started redecorating my study, trying to make it a functional, cozy place to twitter from :) No, to work from, but still.
It started with a new coat of paint, and a couple pieces of furniture.

This past weekend it got a new touch to make it that little bit more lived in. This sticker tree I carried around London for a few days trying to get it home - over a year ago. I've finally put it up after getting over my but-once-I've-put-it-up-it'll-be-gone-and-I-can't-change-my-mind jitters, and I love it! Stickers are a great way to create a quick and easy decoration, and with more and more of them becoming available, don't be scared to use 'em! You can easily replace it when you get bored. (can you tell permanence scares me?)

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