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On Friday we went to go see the new Star Trek. Summed up? Loved it loved it loved it! It's been three days and we're still discussing the characterisation vs the special effects vs the script... And that's even before I start to sound like the trekkie I'm not and go on and on about how true it is to the original, the updating of the tech, and little gags. All in all, a movie well worth watching.

The actors are fantastic in their portrayal of not James T Kirk for example, but William Shatner as James T Kirk - they remain true not just to the characters as written on paper, but the characters as they were portrayed, interpreted and immortalised by the original actors who brought them to life.
I won't say too much, as you HAVE to go see it, except to say that I can't WAIT for the next movie (cos you know there's going to be one...) and Spock was definitely my favourite.

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