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a birthday to remember

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This past birthday has been one of the most memorable of my life. I've never been a big birthday kinda gal, but I think I must have been saving up for this...

On the Friday morning before, I woke up to breakfast in bed and a note from R explaining that I was on my way to Cape Town (!) to be escorted around and about town for a jolly old time. I had no clue about this! I spent the morning packing wondering what on earth was in store for me, and which party dress to take with.

Imagine my absolutely surprise when I got off the plane at CT airport, looking for R's cousins to come fetch me, only to be greeted by my two schoolgirl friends from Durban! He'd flown them there to meet me! Arrgh! There were tears and laughs and more tears, but it was one of the most amazing moments ever. "Hey.. she looks just like... hang on! She is!"

The first thing we did when we got to the flat was open a bottle of champagne to sit and enjoy the view with. It really is a good view. Then it was time to sparkle ourselves up and off to a dinner where we wined, dined and laughed at the bad plastic surgery and cork wedges around us. Good times. And this is where the pictures start...

Saturday morning we spent at the Old Biscuit Mill - awesome food and my new favourite way to spend a Saturday morning. After stuffing our faces, Vanessa bought a camera which is really shit, which makes it really cool. Yeah, I'm working on that one myself still :)

Then it was off to the Design Indaba - but not before taking down Spar's rudely placed sales posters which were stuck right over Vanessa's head! How rude!
The must-do Cape Town sun-downers on Camps Bay followed...

Which, naturally lead on to a night of showing our stuff off in CT. The three Durban brunettes rocked, let me tell you.

It was a fantastic trip, and my birthday didn't end there - but more about that in another blog post as it's taken me long enough just to do this one :)
It was great to see Vanoodle and Nadja, and yes, we need to do that again.
A huge special thanks to my wubby, who gave me the most awesome gift ever. It's a weekend I'll never forget, and one I know he put a lot of work into. Thanks W. xx

[ps: there are more pics in my facebook gallery]
[pps: vanoodle has some beautiful pics on her flickr - you want to see them just to see them]


noodle said...

And next year will be EVEN bigger!

ArahMan7 said...

Hola @ngel,

Thank you for visiting and comments. I'm glad you got the image alignment problem solved.

Say, how about getting inline comment for your blog? You can read and solve it here, Inline Comment for your blog.

See you around, @ngel.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

~ ArahMan7

Nadja said...

Yay photos! And awesome photos!
Thank you for such a wonderful weekend ladies! ;-)

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