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morph is immortal

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It's old news, but lovely news. On 1 March hundreds of fans of Morph - and his creator Tony Hart - appeared at the Tate gallery with their own versions of Morph and his friends, creating a "flash mob" of Morphs in Tony Hart's honour. Hart died on January 18 at the age of 83, leaving behind a legacy of crazy plasticine critters, and a fan base across the world who grew up with his inquisitive creations.

It's a beautiful tribute, and one that few people receive - no matter how great they are in life. It's proof the Tony Hart's work touched the lives of thousands - most at an age when they were young, vibrant and excited about the world. A trait he tried to inspire in most of his work.

This is an event I wish I could have been at. Thanks uncle Tony, for giving us Morph :)

Watch the video of Morphs here.

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