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This is technically resolution #2. Learn more about gardening. Or more specifically, enlarging the veggie patch that’s already there. Creating the veggie garden wasn’t my idea, I hardly did any of the planting, and I definitely didn’t choose what to put in there, but I have been doing the picking of the “fruits” of the garden, and I found I quite enjoyed it.

I do not have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination, but this I’d like to try. It’s just so rewarding pulling an *enormous* tomato off a tree/bush/shrub that just a few weeks ago was pretty, little, sprouty thing. And yes, that is my technical term for them.
I’ve found in taking over the maintenance of the veggie patch, that getting things to grow can be quite fulfilling. And I think there has to be something in that if you’re on the path to brighter, shinier you. Surely the earth has something to impart?

So I’ve decided to not only get this patch big and beautiful, but to grow it until it’s something extraordinary. Or at least until I can make a complete salad out of it. To this end, though, I face a few challenges:

a) slugs and snails I refuse to use pesticides on (anyone know anything about the chili/garlic spray?)
b) replacing all the lettuce and rocket that turned in to baby trees while we were on holiday
c) finding the leeks I know we planted
d) choosing what to add
e) getting whatever I choose to add to grow and flourish when it’s me that’ll be doing the planting this time

It’s quite a fun project, and I’m lucky to have been given a head start. But in a climate of renewal, self-sustenance and “green is the new black” I feel like its also a very relevant project.

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