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Discovery have a lovely set of promos on their channel - random little two minutes pieces about a person of interest. They never tell you who they're featuring so unless you recognise them or their work, you're in the dark, but intrigued.
The first one I saw was of a night club owner, the next a local artist Gregor Jenkins (him I recognized). Last night's was of Jackie Kwan, a young Asian guy living in Johannesburg practicing that strangest of all sports, Parkour. It's beautiful to watch, and you can't help but be in awe of him. And with that, I also felt a certain sense of pride in Johannesburg, the bustling edgy city that it is.

It's a simple video of a small piece of urban culture tucked away in an enormous city where only those who are looking really hard, will find it.

Unfortunately, the only version I could find online of the vid has been dubbed, but you get the idea:

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Jono said...

My friend Chloe directed this. She's rad. Like a panda.

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