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A friend made a fabulous find at the recent Exclusive Books Summer sale - Designers on Design.

"A beautifully illustrated guide to today's cutting-edge furniture and product designers, it features interviews with each of the designers asking questions such as, "What product do you wish you had designed?", "What was your big break?", "What influences your work?" and "What's the greatest challenge you face in your work?"."

I didn't see the book at all, and was very disappointed. After searching no fewer than four different branches for the book, she arrived at work this morning with a copy for me - she'd found one all the way on the Eastrand! (guess they're not that into design over there ;) )
I'm super excited, and have been paging through it all day. It's a lovely collection of features on various contemporary designers who work on everything from vacuum cleaners to sofas - with the guy who did the iPod smack bang in between.

If you're into design, or furniture see if you can get your paws on it:

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