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steve's done it again

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Steve Jobs, head of Apple, has announced a new toy. Welcome the Macbook Air.
It's 56 % thinner than the Macbook Pro, making it the thinnest notebook on the market. Think Thinnovation.

I read in an interview this morning that "the machine is a reversal of field for Mr. Jobs, who in the past has insisted that less-than-full-featured laptops are undesirable", so we can only assume that this Macbook lacks some of the features others carry - it's been seriously slimmed down. Apple, smartly, have not yet released the spec, so it's not easy to see exactly what they've left off. Noticeably though, a few of the ports are missing - the cable you'd stick into them are thicker than the notebook itself!

I'm keeping this page bookmarked on my browser to see what other info they release - I like it. But I wouldn't rush out and pre-order just yet...

UPDATE: they've left off the optical drive, firewire ports, and there's only one USB port. Although you can get external extensions for these, that defeats the oject of having something so slim. I use these ports a hell of a lot more than I'd use the 2 hours extra battery or the multi-touch track pad. I'll wait for version 2.0...

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