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If I can recommend that you see one South African production this year, it's this one. Forget all the local bands (yes, even freshlyground), the local soaps, the dodgy pantomimes and funny festivals in muddy valleys surrounded by beer and hot dog stands.
If you want to see one South African at the height of his game, a consummate performer and artist, then go see Nataniel. Seriously.

We went to his production, "The Moses Machine". To say we were astounded is an understatement. The man is a genuis. From his music to his costumes (which are as outlandish as you can imagine) to his stories - the man knows how to sway and enthrall a crowd. So, despite what you may have decided about him based on his demeanor or appearance, please try see his new production, "Men Who Fly".

I have my tickets...

"Moving away from the structure of previous productions, this show is built around a theme rather than a single story-line. Energetic, textured and fantastical, MEN WHO FLY is a tribute to all who do not have their feet on the ground. Original soul, rock and pop songs alternate with comedy sketches and stories in both English and Afrikaans."

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