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Shu Uemura, 1928 - 2007

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"LEGENDARY Japanese make-up extraordinaire Shu Uemura, who built an international cosmetics brand under his name, died of acute pneumonia in Tokyo on Dec 29. The news of his death was released on Tuesday. He was 79.
...Uemura believed that “beautiful skin is essential for beautiful make-up”. To him, beautiful skin was the canvas for make-up and the secret to beautiful skin started with gentle, thorough cleansing. That’s why his cleansing oils are central to the brand’s concept of beauty...
...Other than the brand’s signature cleansing oils and cosmetics, Uemura expanded his brand to include elegant handmade make-up brushes, perfumes, and fake eyelashes and eyelash curlers."
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If you love your make-up, or ever instpired to one day be as perfectly made up as Dita or Marilyn, this is a sad story. Shu make the most beautiful products - and have eyelashes to die for. I have 2 pairs, and their legendary curler.

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